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Oct 28, 2010

Fun with AUI-S

by Astios 

Hello again...

We know that this blog's mission is not to make fun of anyone and/or help anyone have fun. But sometimes it is just impossible to get people to understand something without making fun of them and/or having fun with them. That is why, we expect anyone who is smart enough to relate his/her name to his/her initial to be be tolerant and easygoing. We also want them to take our funs seriously. We are dead serious!

* Our favorite Mr. G is continuing his adventures By the way, we have just learned that he is not Dr. G but Mr. G. Mr. G, as his students tell, loves to give examples that include the clause, "because she is hot." Our favorite Mr. G calls Paris Hilton a slut and then, by accident, gets a big R from a hot woman on campus. We are never sure if it was a mere accident. Nobody knows, the "six degrees of people calling Paris Hilton bad words" might have worked here.

* Some people suggest that the Student Affairs Office should change its name to "PP", standing for Parties and Penalties. God! This office loves arranging parties: Beginning of the year party, Middle of the year party, and End of the year party. They also love to call you and tell you that someone in the university is angry at you . PP is a nice name actually, but it lacks a letter: F. So let's change the name of the Student Affairs to PPF. What does it stand for? Parties, Penalties, and Farewells.

* Whenever I cross the cars at the AUI-S garage, I get embarrassed. Boy, it is very difficult. Here is a Hyundai Sonata, and there is a 2010 Chevrolet. In front of me is the famous black Ford, and behind me is the   small yellow Kafer. One hardly can breathe there, among all those breathtaking last models of car. The only solution for this mess is to charge a fee for parking. Yeah, that is what I learnt in my Microeconomics class.

* This coming AUI-S party is going to be crazy. How do I know? It is very simple. Look at those girls with 25 kg of make up on. Boy, I feel sorry for them. They have decided to use all the colors, including the ultra-violate ones, to test the taste of the boys. The color with the most, "Oh! Look at that" will be announced as the party night make up. However, it should be said that our parties are no way like the proms. This advice is particularly beneficial for those who have watched all the seven episodes of the American Pie. So, Don't move a lot.

* Although the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani requires all its students to speak English on campus, AUI-S is one step away from becoming a small India. You hear languages there that it would have been impossible to hear otherwise. No one, even the EWPLI students, seem to be proud speaking English. Everyone speaks a second language. I always hear "hoe gaat het?" when passing by the Dutch. I also here conversations going on in Turkish, "Nasilsin? Iyiyim, sen nasilsin" Not to speak about Kurdish and Arabic which are formal and spread all over the campus. Now, imagine Sarah Palin reading this small piece of news, wouldn't she insist more that U.S. is under threat?

Dear Readers!

You get kind of disappointed and say, "It was not funny!" You are not angry for only not being funny, but because it was not funny on  a Friday night. If we were so dissappointing, don't hesitate and send us your funny AUI-S stories. They will get published, if there were no four letter word! 

Have a funny weekend.... 

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9 Comments: on "Fun with AUI-S"

Anonymous said...

Guys, you are so funny. This is going to be the best part of the blog.

Anonymous said...

there were alot of things which were very funny"pp", "25kg of makeup"
i will thank the blog's team thanks

pshtiwanahmed said...

does student affairs only stand for PPF, did you forget she visited dorms many times and overcomed the abstacles that the students have had in the dorms and will have in the future, and transformation and other issues. what I think is that her heart is greater than what students tell the student affairs' office PPF. may be you who wrote this article broke your heart due to the enormous money that you paid.I want to only say "Student affairs has a good attitude when the AUIS students have a problem.

a student said...

I guess you missed something important about dudes on the night party. some dudes are going to drink some beer. not too much to get themselve pretty drunk. but only to get their heads hot and overcome their shyness. so they would not miss this lifetime opportunity to grab girls hand during dancing and doing other stuff, you know what i mean? because it is very regretful to come home and have not earned enough to do your job under the blanket.

Muhammad Babakr said...

a comment for editor,
even though this is a blog and there is not any sensor, but we should remember that this is a student blog and it means the purpose of a student blog is educating students and providing them a place where they can express thier ideas and concerns about differnt subjects. i agree beside education there should be fun, jok and etc but it is not necessary to be offensive and rude in order to be funny. i do not see any fun in a comment or article that talks about"drinking beer","doing job under the blanket." and etc.

Student Eye said...

Dear Muhammad,

Thanks for your comment and your valuable suggestions.

As you have mentioned, we try to expand the limits of free speech as much as we can. We are not here to censor thoughts, ideas and opinions. However we have some general guidelines for publishing comments. We have repeatedly dictated these guidelines. Thus, there are comments that have not been published. The guidelines are:

1- It shouldn't contain any inflammatory language. Any blog with the four-letter words will not be published.

2- It shouldn't contain any direct obscene word or reference.

3- When the known names on campus or anywhere else were mentioned, and there was an accusation to the, the writer should provide evidence.

4- Comments speaking about religions, races and sexes in a negative way, will be dealt with more sensitively.

Any comment which doesn't maintain these simple conditions, will not get published.

The comment you have mentioned has not violated any of the guidelines above.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Student Voice Team

Anonymous said...

You missed one part about the language. I sometimes, hear "guten tag? or "Hey Boy Sie sehen, dass Mädchen, wie heiß sie ist?"
this one is awesome.!!!!

Anonymous said...

What's a Big R, and who gave it to Mr. G?

Anonymous said...

The writer posts anonymous flatter comments about himself. I think he makes himself feels good at home all night too?

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