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Oct 31, 2010

You Have an Assignment Tomorrow, but You are not Sure? AUI-S Student Creates a Facebook Page for Assignments

Sarbast Majid, a junior IT student at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, had a small problem. He knew that he was given an assignment, but he was not sure what it was and when it was due.

His friends were no of a better position.

"Whenever I was on Facebook, someone would open that chat box and ask me about the assignments," Sarbast said. "If I had that problem, it meant that some other students had it too."

Sarbast tells the moment he got seize of the idea.

"One night, I had to post an assignment given by our English Composition teacher on my Facebook wall. I had to do so because nobody knew about it," he said. "Later, I thought, why not to have a page which special to the assignments given by the AUI-S teachers."

Sarbast, who is also an active user of Facebook and the other social media networks, created the page.

"Now, every student can join the page with a click on the like button and become an active member. Every student can post his/her class's assignments on the page so that everybody else see it," Sarbast explained.

Sarbast Majid 
The idea is new, as Sarbast says, and the students are not as active as they were expected.

"This page is a reflection of the cooperative soul we have as the AUI-S students. We can solve our problems by ourselves. A student may miss class one day, or may not be able to keep track of the assignments, or he/she can easily forget them. This page is the solution," he said.

Sarbast also believes that AUI-S should help the project succeed by offering information when needed, through the page or on the official AUI-S page on Facebook.

Here is the link to the AUI-S Assignments Page:
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3 Comments: on "You Have an Assignment Tomorrow, but You are not Sure? AUI-S Student Creates a Facebook Page for Assignments"

Shalaw Fatah Karim said...

Well-done kak Sarbast, it's a great idea and I appreciate it since I'm sure it'll be very helpful.

Anonymous said...

well done Sarbast. It is really creative.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments. You are all welcomed to join the page and actively participate in it.

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