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Nov 1, 2010

After Three Months of Continuous Work , Change is Coming to Student Voice

After three months of continuous works, the Student Voice announces a new phase of services. The blog, which started its online services on August 24, 2010.as the real voice of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani students. 

Student Voice, as the first independent student blog at AUI-S, achieved a great deal of its purposes in the past three months. We practiced freedom of speech, and helped AUI-S students to see freedom in action. In some cases, we were the first media to cover the AUI-S related news. We tried to be a smart observing eye, discovering the mistakes and showing them to the Administration. We set bases for the first public debate between the provost and a former professor, and many other great achievements. 

Student Voice, with administration's recognition, is the most popular media on campus. The Blogger Status Service  tells us that the blog has an average of 200 visitors everyday. About 7,000 pages have been shown in three months. Student Voice presents all these accomplishments to its lovely readers who participated in the blog actively with their comments, suggestions, and cooperation. 

Today, Student Voice blog enters a new era of services. Beginning from next week, Student Voice undergoes  great changes. The blog will change its name and bring in new features. 

There are two great surprises from the blog that will be announced after few days. 

Student Voice will always be from you, by you and for you. 

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7 Comments: on "After Three Months of Continuous Work , Change is Coming to Student Voice"

Anonymous said...

we will be waiting eagerly.....

Unknown said...

We want more students to participate in the blog as well.

Anonymous said...

it is not a real voice, who says that is a real voice, I do not believe so, even who rules the blog

Anonymous said...

it is not a real voice, while half and more than that do not know about the little blog, Also, who says that is independent, it is not because you cannot publish everything..

Student Eye said...

While we have respect for every comment, we ask Mr. Anonymous to feel free tell us what we can't publish and also be brave enough to speak in his/her name.

Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

I think they could publish every thing they want, so I think it is a quite independent blog. thanks 4 the team.

Bahman said...

Dear Anonymous,
I utterly welcome you comment. If you review what we have done and wrote in the past three months you may change your point of view. While you are welcome to argue, baseless accusations will be neglected soon. You may have seen me around AU-S, and you see my name and photo as well. The blog Administration Board consists of a group of AUI-S students, whom you can easily find. We proudly can argue that last three months passed with real feats for AUI-S students. This blog is part of a huge project that soon will be announced. We want you all share ass, it is truly natural to have different viewpoints as long as they are logical. I suggest you my fellow Anonymous to show us why we are not your voice. Perhaps, it’s worthy to mention that in a near future you will find out whose blog is this.

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