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Dec 30, 2010

We Need to be Aware! Security Forces in Sulaimani Call for Awareness

According to some information given by a source to Student Eye blog, there are serious security threats in Sulaimani.

After the arrest of the terrorist group in Sulaimani, security forces call for ultimate awareness.

As the only Student Eye blog, we advise all the AUI-S students, faculty and staff to be aware these days. There might be some attempts to harm the security of the university.

If you saw any suspecious acts or people, call any of these numbers: 100, 104 or 106. It is everyone's responsibility to be as much aware as possible. The university administration is also asked to review the security measures applied on campus and the dorms.  

Due to security reasons no furthure information can be released for now.

We wish everyone a nice and safe holiday.
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