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Dec 15, 2010

Winter Break Starts... How to Spend a Great Break?

The winter break starts tomorrow, December 16, 2010 at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani.

After 10 weeks of classes, finally the AUI-S faculty and students go to the winter break. The break will continue until January 9, 2010.
While most of the American faculty are going back to the United States of America to spend the Christmas, students have different plans for the break ranging from sleeping all the day to catch up with the classes.

Student Eye gives some useful advice on spending a great break. The instructions are designed to help the students make the best use of their time both in their studies and entertainment.

How to Spend a Great Winter Break?

First/  Relax-You really need to have some rest. It is the right time to gain some tranquility in life you missed before. Sleep and eat well. So don't try to do anything serious in the first week of the break. Try to hang out with some friends, visit your relatives back in the village, and/or visit another city you have never been to in your region. Entertain yourself by watching the movies you couldn't watch because of the difficult exams. Briefly, don't do anything that reminds you of the homeworks, assignements, and exams.

Second/ Priority-Try to spend sometime thinking of having a plan for the next weeks. It doesn't have to be a detailed plan, you just need to have an idea of what you may or should do. So think for a moment of the major things you should or can do. You may have a research paper, a reading, and an exam due to the first day after the break. You may also want to improve your English skills by reading more books and/or watching more movies. Thus, you need to set a priority list for yourself. What are the things you need to do now? If it watching a movie, go, buy it and get the pleasure of watching it. If it is reading a book, do it. However, don't forget to start doing the assignemnts from now. If you need to write a research paper or any other paper generally, try to get some background on the topic. Do some research, get the sources. Later, you can do an outline. And by the last week, you are ready to go. That also applies to the exams.

Third/ Catch up – When your schedule is as busy as a college students you probably didn’t have much time to do anything else but go to class or do homework.  Therefore, you should catch up on the things that have been bothering you.  Whether you need to get your dentist appointment in, get your oil changed in your car, clean your apartment, etc nows the time to get it done!

Fourth/ Hobbies – Get out some of your hobbies, play your favorite sports, and do what you love to do.  You have to make life still fun even though you’re a college student.  Don’t give up on your hobbies, but instead make time for them this winter break.

Fifth/ Don't Waste Time- don't waste your entire break doing nothing or doing things you will later regret such as drinking alcohol, partying all night long, etc. You know that kind of stuff is just plain boring and a waste of time. These will destroy you and you don't want that, do you?

Sixth/ Creativity- try to do somethig creative, something new that you can enthusiastically speak about after the break.

The Last/ Applications - Most of the AUI-S students are applying for exchange programs abroad now. Try to get everything done during the break, so you don't have to worry about it while in class.

Happy Holidays to All ...

These sources have been used in writing the article:

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