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Dec 11, 2010

Dr. Denise Natali Leaves AUI-S

Dr. Denise Natali.
Photo: metimes.com

Dr. Denise Natali, the former Academic Dean of Students and the current head of the Research Centers of  the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, leaves AUI-S.

According to a source, Dr. Denise Natali will be leading an American team inquiring some new documents found on Saddam and the past era.

Dr. Natali is also teaching a section of the Middle East hisotry. She will have class for the last time on Sunday, December 12, 2010. It is not clear who will replace Dr. Natali in her different positions.

Last semester, Dr. Denise Natali receieved an anonymous death threat. The security team investigating the threat case didn't find the responsible.

Dr. Denise Natali, who is also a leading scholar on Kurdish Nationalism and Middle East politics, was going to teach the Comparative Political Systems next semester.
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10 Comments: on "Dr. Denise Natali Leaves AUI-S"

Anonymous said...

Even thought she is not really a lovely person in AUI-S, she is good because she is so strict with students. She taught for one semester and she is smart even though that her personality a bit angry. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Fortunately,she has not offered anything to AUI-S except some insult and impoliteness toward students.

Salman-Ahmed said...

Salman Ahmed
However, it is hard to say farewell to one of my best professors you could ever imagine, but anyway, I just want to say to the entire AUI-S administration, faculty, staff and students that “You do not know what you are missing until it arrives.”

Anonymous said...

Also she will be professor at the Navy College For War in America. Maybe she will like her American students more than her students now. This is a second time a professor left for "better opportunity" away from here but this time I think it's good for us. If she will not stay for the whole semester actually she will not give fair grades in the end. Even though we can learn a lot from her why should we if she hates us?

Anonymous said...

what she has done at AUI-S is a mere fact to know here: a lot of workshops, conferances, and etc.
I believe she is amongst the ones AUI-S should have because she is waht AUI-S needs anyway..

Anonymous said...

Your teacher is suppose to create challenge not be your best friend ever. Good luck to you Dr. Natali.

Anonymous said...

Banaz Omer
She has done really great in the Research Centers of the AUI-S. Although I didn't have her as a professor, but it seems that she is smart in teaching.

Anonymous said...

Every-one is talking about her contribution to AUI-S. Well how about Dr.Natali been in Kurdistan region since the 90s. Most of the blogger in here were either not born yet or in their nappies in the 90s.

Dr.Natali has contributed and supported the Kurds much more than the so called incompetent "current & previous Kurdish politician" have/had done.

call-sign OFDA/Foxtrot-Suli.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Natali has been completely useless for Kurdistan. Her 'research' for someone who has been in Kurdistan since the 90's is embarrassingly trivial, below average and indifferent. Good luck finding -and keeping- a job anywhere in the world with that kind of attitude and 'academic' reputation.

Anonymous said...

It appears to me any negative comments to Dr. Natali were from students unhappy with their grades. She was a wonderful professer and she bwill be sadly missed.

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