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Jan 9, 2011

Again, Freedom of Speech!

by Dana Jaf

Four months ago, on the second day we started this blog, Student Eye, I wrote an article explaining the philosophy behind the blog. I wrote there,

"AUI-S students should start to tear down the walls in front of their freedoms made by themselves. To do this, they don't need to gossip the administration members in bed. We only need to be brave enough to speak."

The basic purpose behind the launch of this blog was to push the self-made limits as much as possible and practice freedom of speech fully. We wanted everyone to speak, write and criticize. We wanted to regret being wrong than being silent. We chose facing the reality instead of soothing ourselves with the opium of fake hopes. And fortunately, we achieved a lot in this regard.

Our expectations of what this blog can achieve were and still are modest. We are not aiming at anything magical, ideal or unreal. We are just trying to speak, is that too much to ask?

This small blog, with its very small capacities, became the beacon of hope for a lot of AUI-S students who were searching for a real altar to give their sacrifices for freedom.  

With a short skimming of the blog, anyone can tell what has been changed, achieved and made in the last four months. The blog got more attention that we ever expected. Very well-known websites republished materials of the blog, Dr. John Agresto wrote his rebuttal to Dr. John Dolan on this blog, and students debated over the controversial events on the Student Eye. Even a small Google search for "Student Eye" can tell how advanced and popular the blog is.

We really didn't expect or want that fame. Our modest aim of expanding the borders was more than enough for us.

Today, in the beginning of a new year, we tell all of our supporters, readers, and enemies as well, that we don't want anything but more and more of free speech. If that is good, then we are ok. If that is too much, then we are not sorry for what we do.

Some people are basically against the blog for personal reasons. They want the blog to be a failure; a dream that will never come true.

Others are afraid of being criticized, revealed or spoken about. The honest and dedicated people in this university need not to be concerned. No lies, no fake stories, and also no undeserved praises will be published here.

The freedom that we have and we want to develop is not a gift from anyone, it is a right. This right exists only when there are those who seek it, freedom fighters or freedom writers!
To be continued…. 

*Dana Jaf is an International Studies and Political Science sophomore at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani.  

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3 Comments: on "Again, Freedom of Speech!"

Anonymous said...

Very Nice...keep going,the road is much longer!

Anonymous said...

"We wanted to regret being wrong than being silent." is this really your policy of writing articles?!

Anonymous said...

"Seeing is Believing" the meaning? is it, you don't believe things if you don't see them?

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