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Dec 1, 2010

Dr. Owen Cargol: The People Who Governed AUI-S were Silly Boys not Responsible Men

Dr. Owen Cargol, the first chancellor of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani. calls the AUI-S administration and some members of the Board of Trustees as "silly" and "irreposnbile".

In a special interview with Dr. Cargol, who left the university after 4 months of working as the AUI-S chancellor, he speaks about the details of his departure and the nature of his problems witht the AUI-S administration.
Dr. Cargol says that he had continous disagreements with some members of the board of trustees over moving the students to the current campus of AUI-S.

"I was having a running fight with Trustees Herish Muharram, Azzam al -Wash and Dr. Barham Salih over the new green buildign and the new campus {the current campus}. They wanted me to move you guys {students} around December 27, when it was freezing, and the building had not water, electricity and toilets. I refused," he said.

Dr. Cargol says that the three Trustees wanted to force him out of AUI-S but Dr. John Agresto didn't agree with them.

He claims that "rude" and "disrespectful" behaviour of his oppenents caused him to leave the university.

"By this time I knew they were cheating and liars and I had had enough of them. I thoguht they were acting like silly boys not responsible men, so I called my wife to decide what I should do, and I decided to leave," he said.

Dr. Cargol also claims that AUI-S owes him hundreds of thousands of dollars, and he is still fighting to get them back.

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7 Comments: on "Dr. Owen Cargol: The People Who Governed AUI-S were Silly Boys not Responsible Men"

Anonymous said...

Good job Student Eye team. It seems the university suffering from sever problems that defenitly will affect its end. one thing is not clear, I hope you addressed guys by publishing more of the interview, why the university owe Cargol money? is there any verifiable evidance?

regards and keep it up.

Anonymous said...

If the university is suffering from "sever" problems it means that people here cut each other's arms off.

Anonymous said...

Well, according to what we heard from some sources, there are serious reasons behalf Dr Cargol's dismissal from AUIS and that AUIS was the second inistitution who kick him off!!

Anonymous said...

"There are serious reasons behalf"

I think you are saying Dr. Cargol was cut in half. Is that what you mean by a sever problem?

Anonymous said...

After talking about this issue with a few of the staff, and I am not saying Cargol was a real stand up guy, it looks as though he was a bit of a victim here. If my sources are correct, the former Head of General Services told Agresto that Cargol acted inappropriately with another staff member. There was no official complaint and Ahmad Nzhat went behind Cargol's back and spread the rumor. Correct or not, just having that rumor out there could hurt AUI-S so Cargol was cut free. Like I said, I am not saying Cargol should have been there in the first place given his past, but having friends like that talking poorly about you sure didn't help Cargol in the end.

Anonymous said...

regardles of his sexual orientation or miss-conduct he does not qualify to even teach at an America University, let alone be president. He fools employing bodies by his looks. But a smart employer could see right away how when Owen speeks he is nothing but an empty container. Trust me I worked with him!!!

Anonymous said...

He is currently is at an ALL male university in Saudia Arabia working as an advisor to the President!? Very strange that he could secure this position when he was fired from the last three; fired from university of Northern Arizona, University of Abu Dhabi, American Univ. Iraq.
The Saudis are lazy idiots and did not bother to google him. He is at some small university (Yamamah university). Saudia Arabia is the least expected to keep someone like Owen Cargol but they do.

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