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Dec 3, 2010

Evaluate Your Teacher: Dr. Hemin Omer Latif

Dr. Hemin Omer Latif
While we insist on expanding our evaluation page, we will continue with the IT Department instructors. In this, and Future posts we eagerly want to build a bridge between students and instructors and help the students to express their ideas about their instructors. Therefore, students are welcome to contribute their suggestions and inputs.
Students’ comments are expected to be logical and have a realistic base, otherwise, the blog administrators will not let depredatory and devaluating comments go through.

Dr. Hemin Omer Latif will be our next stop.  
Dr. Hemin Omer Latif
Dr. Hemin Omer Latif, Ph. D. Interactive Systems and Robotics NTU, B. Sc. Civil Engineering  Sulaimanyah University, G. Diploma Computing and Informatics and B. Sc. Computing and Statistics Salahadin University .
Dr. Hemin is an IT and Information Technology professor at the American University of Iraq- Sulaimani.  Also, Dr. Latif is in his first semester at AUI-S. 

You are free to comment and evaluate Dr. Hemin Omer latif  

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15 Comments: on "Evaluate Your Teacher: Dr. Hemin Omer Latif"

Anonymous said...

Iam ine of Dav's student, I attended Dr. Hemins class two times. He was better than my tutor, he cleafies every singl point broadly. If it is his way of teaching, his student's must be lucky.My major is IT, so he is my choice for next smester. I have heard he is tough is accordance to grades, but I rather care about the information I get.

I wish him further success.

Bahman said...

My name is Bahman Abdulrahman,

I am one of Dr. Hemin’s students. Far from all sorts of praising, I would love to write what I really think about Dr. Hemin Omer Latif and his class. This is my first Computer Science course, I have always hated computers and quite from an environmentalist point of view, I counted technology generally as a source of contaminating our nature. I confess, my opinion is about to change, I hope I am on the right track.
The appreciation goes to Dr. Hemin, because his method of teaching is really humble and rewarding. He more than one time clarifies materials and he always makes sure that everyone has understood as they have to be. Unlike other classes, students in Dr. Hemin's class are more ready to share. I believe for many, including myself, he is a guide and a model of a skillful and successful individual.
These four words may more describe Dr. Hemin properly as I see him; caring, ready to give, humble and informative.
Good luck and I wish you more success.

Anonymous said...

He is one of the best professors'in the university. The university is lucky to have him.

Anonymous said...

He who has him has in his mind what he has said so far, and I am luchy to have him since he is a very good teacher.I am Krekar one of his students.
I could not write my name because i did not have that e-mail-address that it is requested

Anonymous said...

I’m not exaggerating in my comment. He is the only lecturer that I have ever had because he wants to teach students what he knows about the subject. He encouraged students to learn the subject not to learn how to attain grades.


Hawre Najmaden said...

Not because he is Kurdish or he speaks my language, but because of his experince and his excellent way of teaching, he is one of the best professors in my opinion . I hope i take his class every semester.

Anonymous said...

He is the best teacher in AUI-S. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I am really happy for having two Kurdish instructors at AUIS, but I wish we had more kurdish instructors. personally, before starting the course, I had a little background in IT, but he has improved my skill in IT. Although stdying IT is difficult and complicated for us,his lectures are understandable. I hope a great success for him...
Zana Aula

Anonymous said...

Muhammed Faraidoun and Akam Majeedent,
we are two students in Dr. Hemn's class. we think he does not need an introduction, because all students at AUI-S know him. as two students in his class, we are proud of him. he is an open teacher; students can always go to his office and get help. we have got many benefits from his class. we wish him success in every tasks in his life.

Anonymous said...

you are a very good professor. we learned many things from you.

Nabaz Maaruf said...

I know him as a friend and as a co-student he always been the best of the best, wish him success for the years ahead of him.

Unknown said...

It is because of brains like him we still believe there is hope for the future of Kurdistan.
All the best Kak Hemin, keep up the good work.

Chawder said...

He is the best one always, wish you all the best.

Sarbast said...

Congratulations for Dr. Hemin for becoming the head of the IST Department. Best of luck to him. He is the right person for that post.

Anonymous said...

I have known Dr. Hemin for two years. I took three classes with him. first; He is willing to teach what he knows and deliver best quality of education.
second; He always want to open the door for student to come up with new ideas and share it with the rest of the class.
third; he is completely supporting students to chose their right tracks.

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