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Dec 4, 2010

AUI--S Dorm Students Relieved: Rona Motel is Good and Manolya Hotel is Getting Better

by Mahdi Abdullah Murad

After the shocking reports of Stuednt Eye blog on the bad situation of AUI-S dorm students at Manolya Hotel, the AUI-S Administration, mainly Dr. James Harrigan, the Academic Dean of Students, decided to take action.

A new apartment, Rona Motel, on the 60th street near to the AUI-S campus, was rented. 24 of the students at Manolya chose to go to the new hotel and 31 students decided to stay. The new dorm, according to the students, met their expectations.

The old dorm, Manolya, is now less crowded than before. Like the other hotel, there are rooms of three and four students and no more. As we have shwon in the report, Manolya now is different from Manloya a week ago.

While it is soon to decide on the serivces level at Rona Motel, the Manloya Hotel managers need to do more to improve the situations.

According to some of the Manolya residents, water service is not provided at soem of the rooms. In the mornings, some of the students have no water. The washing machines are also not working well at most of the Manloya rooms.

AUI-S administration should put more pressure on the managers to provide  better services for the dorms.

Rona Motel: Clean corridor
Rona Motel: The rooms have more privacy now

Rona Motel: Each room has a hall with enough space for studying and watching TV

Rona Motel: The kitchens are clean and provided with all tools. Now students can have a delicious meal of their own hands

Rona Motel: Sleeping is possible at the new bed rooms now

Rona Motel: Students have a place for their shoes.

                                    Manolya Hotel: Now and Before

The hall before

The hall now
The kitchen before

The kitchen now

The room before

The room now

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6 Comments: on "AUI--S Dorm Students Relieved: Rona Motel is Good and Manolya Hotel is Getting Better"

Anonymous said...

Good job guys, I was not sure that they would listen to your calims. Since you dare to talk, it was the point that I praised. Iam really proud of you and I hope others speak up and show what they lack, there is some one to leasent and many to support, always.

Thanks and keep it up.

Sarbast Majeed said...

Thank you for those who put their effort to fix the situation. I warmly thank the Administration for listening, especially the Dean's office.
This is the first step toward a better AUI-S, and we are waiting for more good things.

Dana Jaf said...

Good job Dr. Harrigan and his friends, and anyone else who cared about the situation in the dorms.

I hope this will be a new beginning for fixing the AUI-S's long lived problems.

Afan O. Halabja said...

Well done Mahdi. I am really so happy to see all these nice photoes. I hope you guys can do well in your classes

Although I am not at those dorms, I thank AUI-S for thier great and unforgettable support for the dorm students. I must thank anyone who worked on this issue, especially Dr. Harrigan, Ms. Dashne, Mr. Darya, and the others.

The dorm students should also thank Student Eye blog.
Piroza Rona guys.

Anonymous said...

student dorms are brave.....who are you

hardi said...

i want to give a special thank to dr.James. he kept his promise.

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