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Oct 6, 2010

“We will Not Pay a Penny” activists started moving.

Idres Ali with his EWPLI certification.

Today celebrating with the last group of  the EWPLI level four students, “We Will Not Pay a Penny “complain activists began the first move toward not paying the $400 imposed by AUI-S. While most students finished their last classes in The English Writing Program and Language Institute (EWPLI), in joy and gratefulness welcomed the campaigners. Activists unclouded the facts and asked students for support with their cause, which is clearly to be for the sake of students and only from the students. Campaigners, rebut rumors and accusing them with being distractive. Also, campaigners insisted on logical, lawful, and respectful ways in their march. Moreover, the campaign will continue and further formal announcement is expected to be published until the university understands its illogical pursuit. Campaigners see their success in the students’ support therefore they plainly ask students to maintain helping them.


Students and our readers can follow We Will Not Pay a Penny Campaign and show their support online by following this link: http://zeropenny.blogspot.com/ . This Campaign is sponsored by the Student Voice blog, which is an independent blog established by a group of students from the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani. Comments and feedbacks are welcomed, therefore do not hesitate, write and criticize us we will openly show our humbleness.            

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1 Comments: on "“We will Not Pay a Penny” activists started moving."

Herish said...

well done guys y, you doing well. I hope you all have a successful year and time at uni. i also support your campaigen,, i believe that is not fair , to pay for books.

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