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Oct 5, 2010

Back to page 37 From The Academic Catalogue Of The American University of Iraq- Sulaimani.

by Bahman Abdulrahman
Page 37 of the AUI-S 2009-10 Academic Catalogue.
In fact it is not just white, it is written in black
 but it is white in practice.    

Universities are striving to take steps forward in accordance to the rules they are founded upon. Whereas, for most, enduring these rules is the measure of triumph and a gentle guidance for future, replacing them, for a few, is a clear indication of failure.

Logical principals of an epoch may fit future eras with no retouching. The American University of Iraq- Sulaimani, in a matter of three years has not step in line with its fundamental polices.  Perchance, the university’s recent decree illustrates this point evidently.  
The university, ironically, asks for an extra $400 for books and dorms which is apparently against what the university is built on and asked before. It may seem normal for some, yet, for the rest, it’s a question of enduring or leaving the university. Hitherto, it appears like husbands who want to get laid through seductive gestures, this may work for some but not always for all. The university, on one hand, is not ready to give any explanations and it expresses a grave need of money. Meanwhile, it, on the other hand, is against the university’s Financial Regulations.
AUI-S in The Academic Catalogue, page37 addressed student studying payments in a moderately understandable manner and stated,

AUI-S admits only full-time undergraduate students. Tuition and Fees for the 2009-2010 academic year are as follows:
·         Tuition: $4,500/semester
·         Books: $400/semester
·         Fees:  $ 100/semester ( computer lab, IDs, English placement test)
·         Total: $5,000/semester

I believe it’s time to ask, what is the essence of this illogical quest? Why AUI-S does not want to admit its lacing cash and its prior huge money squandering? Numbers above should evidently testify in opposition to the newly imposed sum for the books or dorms. Last year or years before, AUI-S, each semester, charges students $5000 including $400 for books. I would like to ask why more $200? If last year the real price of the books with tremendous profit costs students $400 (per-semester), why from now on extra $200? Book contends increased or their shipping prices doubled? While the university is into increasing tuition fees, students must understand the university paces. EWPLY students, for example, must pay $4200 (per-semester) as the new price of the provided books is $200 annually. Meanwhile, the new quest is not only inacceptable, it raise a more practical question. Academic students, as far as I am informed, don’t have English placement test in any forms, why should they pay $100 for English placement tests?

All expensive goods or services are not labeled with workability. While, neither collages with high prices are signed with success, nor less priced collages end with failure. If, which is seemed to be an accurate perception, AUI-S is keen on doubling tuition fees, the university must reconsider its stand. The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, with the tuition fees of Harvard is still AUI-S. AUI-S should not take steps that cost only student and turning irresponsible eye to the faults. It clears that the university need solid based on realty polices not cash, as money can be gained easily but erecting pillars need commonsensical steps.             

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5 Comments: on "Back to page 37 From The Academic Catalogue Of The American University of Iraq- Sulaimani."

Anonymous said...

We are now in 2010-2011 academic year...

Bahman said...

Dear Kind Anonymous, have not you ever come across some to tell you never under estimate others stupidity. I thank you for reminding me that I'm in 2010 but let me suggest you one simple thing, Please, understand what is written then comment on it. This has to be about past but don't you think that past may shape future. you comment is welcomed but while you are in academy as they say, it is a real shame.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you have articulated a specific problem I'd be able to help you. The basis of your article is, unfortunately, without foundation as you refer to the handbook and 2009-2010 information. Is AUIS able to modify information in it, from year to year?

Anonymous said...

Bahman, you have a lot to say but haven't learned how to say it yet. You write like a level 1 student. Get back to work.

Bahman said...

Before you help me, I may ask what is your first name. I'm working on my English, I beleive you can help me with it, if you may to.

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