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Nov 13, 2010

Kurdistan Goes on Holiday, AUI-S Goes to Exams


While all the Muslim countries are preparing themselves for the coming Al Adha Eid, AUI-S students prepare for exams.

Kurdistan regional government published a statement announcing the beginning of the Eid holiday from tomorrow. But most of the AUI-S students are preparing themselves for exams in the coming two days.

Not only AUI-S is not ready to announce tomorrow and the day after tomorrow holiday, but it has decided to have make up classes for the Tuesday classes saying that AUI-S didn't know Tuesday was going to be the first day of Eid.

There are more than 100 AUI-S students who are coming from cities outside Sulaimani. It is impossible for some of them to get home few hours prior to the Eid. Some students from Baghdad might even need to stay in Sulaimani for the entire Eid due to the total halt in transportation lines on the Eid days.
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5 Comments: on "Kurdistan Goes on Holiday, AUI-S Goes to Exams"

hazha jabar said...

truuuuuuuuuuuuue that is not fair! what they do with us will affect us badly but they think by that they will make us better students but that is not right we need at least a day off to go home and prepare for Eid why do they go 2 weeeks before Christmas and a week after it? is that disregard to or culture and religion?

hazha jabar said...

not only that but we have extra homework during the Eid because we have 5 days off. i see that offensive and everyone must respect other's cultures and religion at least when the or she lives in their country. they live in our country and even if they dont know about the traditions, they must learn and educate themselves with that because that means DISRESPECT for us as Kurds and Muslims. i see this a very serious issue and want them to consider it

MAHDI said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

No worries people, we will pay you back on the Christmas. Just follow the rules otherwise........

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous, my English Composition instructor call these kinds of sentence that you write taboo for this is one of the 10 errors that people do when they write a sentence. So, fix your fragment and tell us What will be after otherwise, please!Do you think that we have the right to have tomorrow off or not? By the way, Christmas will be for you not us. It is your Eid not ours as Muslims. This Eid is ours not Christmas. Malcom X

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