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Nov 23, 2010

Evaluate Your Teacher: Dr. Roger Geyer

Dear Student Eye Readers,

Beginning from today, we will be offering a free space in the blog in order for the American University of Iraq-Students evaluate their professors.

The evaluation can include the student's insights on the professors's academic ability, personality and other issues related.
Any criticism of the professor should be proved or at least be written under a real name not anonymous.

Here is a sample of an evaluation:

Student Name:
My professor (                                                ) has these good points.
1- He is clear about the class syllabus. We know what we are supposed to do.
2- He controls the class in a very good.
3- He is not too strict nor too lenient
and so on. and you can write the weak points of the professor in the same way mentioned above.

You may choose any other style you want.

The first professor in this series is Dr. Roger Geyer

.Dr. Roger Geyer, PhD. University of Virginia; M.Ed, Old Dominion University; B.A., New York University.
Dr. Roger Geyer 
Dr. Roger Geyer.auis.org photo 

Roger Geyer, PhD. is the assistant professor of Computer Science and Business Administration at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani. He has been teaching at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani since 2008.

You are free to comment and evaluate Dr. Roger Geyer
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14 Comments: on "Evaluate Your Teacher: Dr. Roger Geyer"

Anonymous said...

who cars about evaluation ? I evaluate my professor as a bad professor last year, but i have his class this year. Our evaluation can be seen in auis's trash.

Sarbast Majeed said...

Student Name: Sarbast Majeed Rashid
Classes I had him as my instructor:
1- Introduction to IT Applications.
2- Statistics
3- Introduction to Web Design (Flash CS4).
4- Data Communication.
5-Introduction to Object Oriented programming.

I consider Dr. Roger as the founder of IT Department at AUI-S. His long and successful academic and professional experience in Computer Science, Information Systems and Business Administration was really a key that made me to understand IT better in a rapidly changing world. In addition to the material of the course, Dr. Roger gaves me tens of advices, techniques, strategies and hints to understand my field of specialty and how to make a better career decisions in the future. I always found Dr. Roger serious about his classes and students, yet with a moderate sense of humor and constructive criticism. In addition to his support when it comes to opportunities presented to the students outside the university walls.

pshtiwan.ahmed said...

He is educating a student to learn,he is not educating a student to take a test.

Anonymous said...

Tonight I don't have much time, but Roger deserves to be praised anytime. I have learned much from him, his enthusiasm, passione, and love to his work makes me to think twince when I critize AUI-S. I wish all my professors would be like him. I don’t say good thing about people who are not good, and surely I will write about those whom, I think, are not good professors. Roger good luck and hope you a succesfull life.

Dana Jaf said...

Dana Newzer Ali
Classes: I had Dr. Roger as my teacher only for one class, the Introduction to IT class.

Dr. Roger, is really the kind of teacher I am satisfied with. He is a bright professor who knows his subject the best.

Although I was not an IT major, I enjoyed the class and did my best to learn the materials.

The good points about his class was:
1- He is well prepared
2- He created an educational enviornment in which the student loved to come and study
3- I don't remember him being angry the whole semester. the class is controlled though.
4- He is not strict and doesn't look for reasons in order to fail the student or make troubles for the student. The fact that the was giving permission to really sick students had made us respect him more and come to the class regularly.
5- He doesn't let other students enter the class or stay there to keep the class focus on what he had to say

There are certainly some other points that I might not be aware of right now.

The only negative point During that class, copying (plagiarism) was common. Although I am aware that he had called upon certain students and warned them, but some of the students continued cheating. He is not directly responsible for that, but he could take some stronger measures against the one who did it.

I hope that he will succeed in his personal and professional life.

Good luck to him and to all my friends in that class.

Brwa said...

From my perspective, he is huge!

1. has a great control of the class.
2. is forthcoming.
3. teaches good as far as it goes.
4. divided homework preciesely.
By the way, it is better for him to be a little stricter.

aisha said...

Student Name: Aisha Qais Al-Zaidy
I had Dr.Geyer as my instructor in two classes:
1- Introduction to Computer Science & IT Applications.
2- Introduction to programming.

Dr. Roger is one of the most brilliant professors in this university. He is the founder and builder of the IT department, so he is the strongest stone in the foundation of this department.
The two classes that I took with him were my favorite. First of all, I enjoyed taking them. Secondly, he could give us the information that we have to get throughout the course.
He is responsible for each student inside the class and he is caring about the information he gives in order to be as a knowledge for each of us.
The examples that he uses are from our daily life and they are easy to understand and hardly to forget.
Although he is older than us and there is a difference in the ages, but he knows exactly how to communicate with us in the way that we can fully understand.
I'm really pleased to have him as my instructor in the next coming semesters.

Professor Roger, Wish you all the best and hope to be one of your students again so soon.


Mahdi Abdullah Murad said...

Mahdi Abdullah Murad
I have Dr. Roger as my instructor for Introduction to Computer Science and IT Applications.
Dr. Roger is the reason for students to study. I am very happy with him. He is one of the most friendly professors I have ever seen.
Why do I happy with Dr. Roger?
1. He always enters the class with a foolproof outline for the class.
2. He provides an environment that none of the students feel tired during the class. Personally, I have never counted the minutes till I get to the end of the class as I used to do in some of the class in the past.
3. He is the most talented professor in controlling the class.
4. He is always staying with the students during the class and never let the students to be lost.
5. He is the most respectful professor toward his students.
6. He is very punctual in both starting and ending the class period.
7. His homework assignment is very useful, and I always learn new things from it.
For sure, there are several other good points about Dr. Roger and his class, but my last word about him for now is that the AUI-S administration should consider Dr. Roger as the key founder of the Information Technology Department at AUI-S. We really want Dr. Roger to stay at AUI-S and teach us.
Good luck to Dr. Roger and his students, especially my classmates.

Zhirwan Aula Ismail said...

Zhirwan Aula
I really don’t want to repeat the notices that other students have mentioned about Dr. Roger. With my respect for other professors of AUIS, he is really one of the best instructors of the university. He always provides a good educational situation inside the class. I, as one of his students in this semester, have really benefited from his class. However, it is in my opinion that it will be better if he clarifies the homework and class work assignments inside the class to the students more than he has done before the due days so that the students will not have difficulties with doing them.
I hope he will be successful in the whole of his life….

Anonymous said...

Reading these comments, I hope he will be my teacher.

Afan O. Halabja said...

This comment is illustrating the truth rather than flattering!

Dr. Roger is my Introduction to Computer Science and IT Applications professor. I have been looking forward to thanking him in the public. This is the best time to thank him.

He is clearly teaches us, and we understand his class well.
He gives many assignments, and presntations. The interesting thing is we never get tired of his assignments. I myself really love the assignments because they are all interesting. His assignments are necessary for any university student.
He is so friendly, and none has problems with him
He is so fair with the students.
If anyone is not good in understanding the class, he helps him or her at anytime.
He asks us to asl any questions.

AUI-S should be proud of him.

I hope I will be his student as long as I am at AUI-S.

Anonymous said...

I asked him to accept me as one of his students, but he refused and said sorry it's too late. i wish i could accept you, it's not in my hands. i hope you will be my student next semester.
He was very, very respectful, so i hope i will be able to be his student next semester inshAlla!

Anonymous said...

I don’t want to exaggerate about Dr. Roger Geyer's conduct with his students due to I have never had him as my teacher, but as I see; he is an affable professor and always ready to help students out. Also, I’m not praising Dr. Roger Geyer because, once, he sorted out my temporary problem with my AUI-S account where I couldn’t open it.

Anonymous said...

I could simply say that we are sooo lucky to have him!

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