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Oct 10, 2010

Student Voice Uncovers the Scandalous Exam...The Final Exam Questions Were Stolen

According to a reliable source, which wants to remain anonymous due to safety reasons, the final exams questions of the EWPLI 4 were stolen by a group of students.

The source said that a group of EWPLI 4 students, at least two, have gone into the copy room of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, where the exams are printed, and have stolen the exams. Later, they have given copies of the exams to their friends.

The students who have stolen the exams have gotten unimaginable scores, while their academic capabilities are known to be very weak.

The copy room machines are encoded with passwords and only members of the faculty can access to it. This means that some of the teachers take the responsibility for the leak.

AUI-S Dean of Students, Dr. James Harrigan, is now asked to take necessary measures against the students and teachers responsible for the scandal.
The academic integrity of the AUI-S students is the first victim of the cheating events, and this is the right time to put an end to it.
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3 Comments: on "Student Voice Uncovers the Scandalous Exam...The Final Exam Questions Were Stolen"

Anonymous said...

It is unbelievable and a big lie. Student Voice, be informed that it is a unaccepted scandal when you lie at an American university! Never lie again.

it was not the final exam, but it was a simple test which some lazy students stole. Finals never be stolen.

I am telling you guys that this lie will affect you next time!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

may be it's true. why not???????? AUI-S should Immediately response this article to know whethere it is true or not. as sooooon as posible....

Anonymous said...

this is really something terrible oh my God. cheating happens a lot in AUI-S, but the university doesn'tdo anything teachers trust students and it is a big mistake, as a result, teachers should take care of their students more carefully and they should not trust the all students. what a funny thing is that..hehehehe

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