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Nov 5, 2010

Manolya Dormitory, Photos Speak the Shameful Truth

by Mahdi Abdullah Murad - Student Eye 

The daily problems AUI-S students face at Manolya dormitory, is only a demonstration of the unplanned, unprepared and negligent policy making at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani. 
We tried not to show these images online, because there was still a hope to change the hurting scenes. But now, and after weeks of suffer and passion, We know no other way but this one to tell the story of a shame.In this report, I will not be saying very much. The pictures will speak for themselves. However, some of the pictures are more tragic than what they seem, so we have said a few words about them. We hope these images will move the administration a little bit towards an evaluation of the student life at the dorms. 

This is bathroom and restroom. When you are here, you should know that there are five other people waiting for the same opportunity out there. So, you really don't get what you want. What you do is your rush with everything. Sometimes, you are taking a shower and your friend is shortened. One of you has to suffer eventually!

This is the boiler! but you never know when it becomes cold, this is of course if it got hot. 

When there is no place to put your clothes, TVs, bags, and plates, you put them on your bed. That is the creative thinking AUI-S taught us.

A cooker and a washing machine alongside each other like twin sisters. Sometimes the smell of friend egg and the tide mix. You should be here to see how it feels. However, the university is not ashamed to ask for $100 fee and $25 late fee for living in a dorm like this.

What you see here are carpets, that is right. But they are not only carpets, they are walls a t the same time. Walls made out of carpet, cloth, beds and cartoons. We needed to have them to give a sense of room to our room. Whoever comes here, including the delegation with Miss Daloye, said "Oh". Yes, Oh!!

You see this, it is 10% of the second floor produced rubbish. There is nothing to put it in. However, the Hotel manageer loves to give advices to college students. He always tells them, "Why don't you clean yourselves? Shame on you, you are called college students."

It is considered a taboo to open any of these curtains. The owner of the hotel will come upstairs and shower the students with his nice words. The shoes you see in front of the curtain are there because there is no other place to put them in. Six college students with a small place for shoes tend to do things that can be considered unlawful by the hotel manager.
A student living in front of the main gate of his hall. He is directly there. He will have a chance to greet anyone who passes by there. He hears every noise, smells every odor of the other kitchens. He also studies there. So Eat, Pray and Love on the same bed.


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12 Comments: on "Manolya Dormitory, Photos Speak the Shameful Truth"

Anonymous said...

we really appreciate it Mahdi and student eye.Thank you very much for telling the truth. whenever I tell someone that I study in the American University, they will be surprised. they think that we(Auis students)are from another star. they don`t know that we are really going backward. It is really shamful for Aui-s for having this dorm.....

Anonymous said...

Good job Mahdi for you ventured and illustrated our situation in a harsh, congested, and disgusting AUI-S’s dormitory ,,,,
What you depicted is unarguably true. I think, if anyone watch these pictures, he or she will utterly implode about our situation, which we’ve suffered for awile, in this dormitory,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Muhammed/ Truth should be told. So, It's great that you have tried to tell the truth and unveiled our hideous situation for AUI-S.

Anonymous said...

That is too bad! I don't want to see my friends living like this. This is because the students are not united. Nobody uports anybody. When you speak about it, I don't see much comments here. I think the problem is with the students, but it is not because of the university. We can change this dorm by having one voice.

Mahdi, you should keep going. I am with you. But don't hurt other people. I mean don't hurt the Bakrajo students and the house students.

The pictures made me hate AUI-S.

Anonymous said...

Good job. I hope you will get over this situation by having the new dormitories for the students. It is just a hope, but a possible one. I feel you guys and apreciate your patience.

Anonymous said...

Good job Mahdi. Oh my God is that the AUIS's dorm? why it is like that? Why you don't tell AUIS to solve your problems?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mahdi, I am not thankful for what you have done to unveil the shocking conditions of AUI-S resident hall students. However, I believe it is your role to expose that matter. In turn, I shake your "little" hands warmly for what you have done because it ought to be told..

Mahdi, do you think they are going to take action and help out? I guess no. AUI-S officials each is living in a wholesome two-hundred-thousand-dollar coasted apartment..
Am I right?
If so, what about us? Do they care about us? Do they remember us? Do they believe in equality? Do they try to make the situation better? Do they think they have students who are about to become future for Iraq down the line? Do they see? Hear? Read?

Hey, I'm not writing that because I have free time. In contrast, it is because I am studying on the bare floor of my apartment, and my backbone hurts me- I cannot perpetuate studying for more than 30 minutes. My neck hurts. My knees hurt, too.

I am dying kaka Mahdi. I am feeling shame for what lack of services I see here in my apartment..

I am cold kaka Mahdi because there is no enough room to go in my apartment except my squeaking bunk-bed..!!

Thank you SA department for what kind of place you have found us that helped express our disapproval, greatly..!!! (well done)

MAHDI said...

Thank you guys! Dear Anonymous, first we spoke with the Administration, then we assigned the photos to speak with them. Hopefully, they will listen to them.

Anonymous said...

let us not blame AUI-S as a whole. SA is responsible for all of this.
they don't remember the dorm issues until the university starts and when we talk they say "you have stepped over me! you should have contacted me first and then went to the other officials in the uni." OK you are right SA. this year we didn't step over you, but only because we didn't, you were shocked when you saw the dorms as if my father rent the dorms for the students. SA, why were you surprised when visiting Manolia? didn't you rent the hotel? didn't you know that you are going to be responsible to respond to the srtudents when they come back to school? These are questions for which SA department should prepare answers before the semester starts.
Mahdi we need more of these reports. we should remiond the SA department that partying is not everything, we need more than just sitting behind a dedsk and doing nothing but wastign money.
it is shame that there is lack of plannig! HOWEVER, the REAL SHAME is the surprise that SA faced after their visit to Manolia with other officials. hahahaha this is what you didn't want,"Stepping over" and having others interfere with your business.

MAHDI said...

Dear anonymous, it is true that the SA is a part of the AUI-S Administration, but I didn't write this article just for that office for I don't think it is its job only. I think if the photos were be able to walk, they would walk to the other offices that are higher than SA office. So, we should know that the SA office is doing its job, but I also agree that they should do better. I mosly face to the other offices to have plan and do something. I can see how the SA office is working now. I don't know whether it is because the article or they have tried before that, too. Any way, let's wait for a while till we know what they do. If they don't, there will be more articles for sure.

Anonymous said...

good job mahdi, you became the hero of the dormatery !!!


Anonymous said...

I am proud of you kaka Mahdi..

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