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Oct 7, 2010

Student Voice Poll: Students are more into not paying the $400.

The result of the last Students voice reveals that most of the voters are against the $400 required by AUI-S for books and dorms.
Question of the poll was, “Should AUI-S students pay the $400 for books and dorms”. Each week Student posts a question online to see how students respond. The question sourced from the last change in the AUI-S payment policy.
This step of the university has been considered by most of the students as unlawful quest.
52 voters participated in the poll and 41 or (78%) of them say that they will not pay the money, while 8 or (15%) of the voters are ready to pay the money and still (5%) is not sure. It is worthy to mention that the decision raises a disagreement voice among students, as they think they don’t have to pay for the books or dorms tow times. The results of the poll, once again, show the illogicality of the AUI-S’s proposition.
Furthermore, a group of AUI-S students started “We Will Not Pay a Penny” campaign to stop implementing the imposed $400. Therefore, students are advised to share the group actively as if one has no problem in paying the money many others have to suffer and bear unbearable conditions.

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