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Oct 24, 2010

Fun with AUI-S

by Astios 

Dear Student Voice readers... This column will be dedicated for the small pieces of news we get from the students. Send whatever you have to our email stdntvc@gmail.com or share it with us on our Facebook and/or Twitter pages. Here is the first part:

* Dr. G smokes while in class. Is this also a part of the American exceptional-ism?  

* Professor (B.S) always tells the male students to arrange the desks and tells the female students to relax while the males are doing the job. Dear Professor, are you a feminist or you think you are at a guy's fitness gym?

*Dr. H has a very nice English accent. The accent is not funny, but when he speaks, he reminds you of Russel Peters. 

* Dr. S always comes to class, calls on roll, and tells a student to explain the topic. And that is it. We didn't know that being a professor of science is so easy. 

* Some students blame their friends for not helping them cheat on the exam. They regard it as an act of treason. These students might have read a different version of the Ten Commandments. This version begins with "You shall not kill, you shall not steal, but you shall cheat."

* AUI-S Students received an e-mail from Dashnye Daloye, the head of Student Affairs entitled "AUI-S has Talent". 

Wow!! congratulations. What was that again?

"AUI-S has Talent"

 Could you be more specific Miss Daloye? How can a student realize his/her talents? 

"Can you juggle? Can you impersonate a teacher? Can you dance? Can you play an instrument?  Any and all talent is welcome!"


* There is an English lecturer (Mr.P), who makes fun of his students' English. We suggest to the students to make him say "ق" و" غ" two times, and we will see who will be more funny. 

* The restrooms near the cabins has turned into a garbage. It is always nice to leave a footprint when you do something nice!

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12 Comments: on "Fun with AUI-S"

Anonymous said...

well, I got one I got one;
It's been a long time sine AUI-S female students first tried to change their names to something better and more appropriate, recently Dr. G has come up with a solution, calling them:
Ms. AbdulQahar, Ms. Xalifa Nasab, Ms. Abublilal.

Anonymous said...

This Dr. G should be very funny. Yes he does that.. He calls some of our beautiful girls with names of the old people like Ms. Said Fatah .. It is a shame. He tries to sell his own culture to us, and when he does so. we all laugh...hahahah

Anonymous said...

To the 5th commandment, sorry fifth joke:
don't mind bro, come and lend me your ears: (Just for Fun)

هەر ئەمە مابوو لێمان کەى بە باو
چیە ئەم بەزمە کردووتە بە قاو
پار سال لە سایەى ئەولا پاشا بووى
ئەمڕۆ لاى ئەملا ليَت ئەدا هەتاو

If you don't like mine, here is Shex Raza
پێمخۆشە لەبەر جەورى براو لۆمەى ئەقوام
سەدجار لە غەریبى بکەوم موفلیس و مەهتوک
or a better one:
بۆ موجتەهیدان گەرچى مورەخەس نیە تەقلید
من موجتەهیدم هاتم و تەقلیدى کەرم کرد

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

did you ever knew that there are some activities of singing a song,,but patterns the ancient kurdish culture songs which is called (shara band) inside the university??? here is an (mn yareky waam awet..pasandy shar u de bet..la jyaty gwaray altun,,qsay mny la gwe bet.....)

Anonymous said...

na na na walla mn altunm awe!

Student Voice said...

Dear Student Voice readers,

Please do not comment in any other language than English.

The comments may include other languages, especially Kurdish, Arabic and Turkish, but there should be at least a sense of what the comment wants to say in English.

Kinds Regards,

Student Voice Team

Anonymous said...

I got better one: last year Mr.F tried to make some of his students buy him (flafl) by talking to them when they were paying their money, so they pay his money too. Hopefully, AUIS came up with idea that: no AUIS professors can get anything from any student.

Anonymous said...

Some AUI-S instructors "LOVE" to work with female students on their skills of communication. To the point that an instructor spent hours to fill an application form for a female student for one of the exchange programs. Apparently the definition of feminism varies in different cultures...

Anonymous said...

sexism is rouhgly threatning the Only American university of Iraq, any Idea, who could stop sisy instrouctors. A night club or some moral leasons.........

Anonymous said...

Oh no! what is wrong with having a male professor fill in a form for a girl. You guys should be smart enough to say " well, we have to find female professors to fill in our forms." by the way there are many of them in the uni. try it, it will work.

Anonymous said...

<<: WANTED :>>

On Monday, November 8th, a kind-hearted teacher deliberately trusted his students and started checking students' test papers inside the class. Soon after, "a few" students started cheating and exchanging ideas during the test at ( F A ) class..

One of the students, who was so funny while mumbling upon reading "Ayat Al Kursi" before the test started and has never had above 80 percent before, lost a mere grad out of one-hundred percent ..!!

I do not talk about the other ones because it is horrendous..!!

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