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Mar 3, 2012

A Clarification

Unfortunately, some people are trying to take advantages from our gathering on Thursday at the American university of Iraq Sulaimani near to the cafeteria by saying that we, students, were insulting the others because a teacher was killed in the day of holding the meeting, and we were “demonstrating.”

Firstly, we did not know that the teacher was killed, and the event was created one night before that happened.

Secondly, it was not a demonstration, but it was a small gathering in which students expressed their anger against some new rues of the university.

Finally, we hope that no one takes this as personal because, again, holding this meeting on Thursday had 
nothing to with killing the teacher.


Student Eye Team  

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8 Comments: on "A Clarification"

Anonymous said...

Everybody saw you laugh when you were told what happened and you kept talking. That is truth Karwan (because we also know this is you)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with them who say it was not right. How did not you know of the killing??? Everyone knew before your gathering and many students and teachers were crying at AUIS. You should have postponed the event.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you

Anonymous said...

"it was a small gathering in which students expressed their anger against some new rues of the university." It means a demonstration!

Anonymous said...

dear karwan, we know that you are doing great, and we are all with you. People who hate are those who hate truths, so never think about them.
we as students are really grateful by having you with us at AUIS.

Anonymous said...

we are proud of you Student Eye; u are doing great friend. we really need you at this university.

Anonymous said...

oh, we would never take advantage of you, Karwan. U are our savior and you speak the truth. everyone says so. you are so brave and bold and such a great leader for all of us. U keep up the good work. Someone told me you will be running for office soon and I would vote for you. you are so great and u keep us true. you are so respectful and you respect EVERYONE so why is everyone disrepecting you? especially thos disrespectul, disrespecting administrators. they are so disrespectful to you and the Student Eye. where would we ever be without you.

Anonymous said...

The student eye is nothing more than a small group of students who I hope get kicked out of the dorms soon for not paying.

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