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Aug 3, 2011

AUIS Dean of Students unfriends students on Facebook

After his departure, Dr. James Harrigan started to unfriend AUIS students on Facebook. In contrast of what students have thought about him, Mr. Harrigan acted irrationally. This comes as a shock for many students as he always pretends to be with them and they loved his covered simplicity.

"It was all a game and he used our Facebook status to follow the events, and he used all this against us in whatever steps we took." a students messaged Bahman Hassan when he first published this news on his Facebook wall.

Ironically, Mr. Harrigan seem to be pardoned for all the difficulties that he created out of not having administrative expericance. During his work at AUS as Dean of the Students, his office has face many difficulties that the source was his constant baseless accusations. The news of his leaving AUIS was welcomed by many thinking that, " the big man with his loud voice will not be here to shout anymore."
You may wonder why we want to publicize this news. There is no hidden goal behind this post other than shedding the light on this strange step by Mr. Harrigan.

For us, he as in many occasions, directly in person or indirectly, has shown his dislike of us. Though, Mr. Harrigan will not come back to AUIS, his news made many students to feel fooled. But "Song of the day" and "birthday wishes" by Mr. James will not pup up on AUIS students' Facebook walls.

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