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Aug 16, 2011

“It is a cancer and it will always get worse”

“It is a cancer and it will always get worse” this is a status that Muhammad Babakr wrote on his Facebook wall. AUIS Financial rewards have been announced, and students have started reacting. Many students claim that their tuition fees have been doubled.

This comes after AUIS Financial Aid Committee finished reviewing students’ Financial Aid Applications. The results were sent to the students via email.

As soon as the results were announced, a battle to refuse the results began.. The battle has started on Facebook, and it seems that the former Dean of Students, Dr. Harrigan is not here to follow the events.
Students are not hesitant to show their concerns and call for “actions”. “It won’t stop, we have to do something” Nuha Othman wrote as a replay to one of her friends when she wrote “it increased too much!”

These cries can be heard from all Financial Aid students; a name given by AUIS to those students whom AUIS is paying part of their annual tuition fees.

“I can pay part of what I have been asked to pay” a student answered when he was asked; “Can you pay your 2010-2011 tuition fees?”

The list continues, but no one seems to listen. No change is guaranteed, but students can ask for re-reviewing their applications. More has to come and the fight on Facebook will prolong, and Financial Aid students are worried about their destiny in a case that they could not pay their tuition fees.
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