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Jul 7, 2011

Al-Sharqia Produces a Series Based on Bloggers’ Stories

After the obvious increase in the number of Iraqi Bloggers and their role, an Iraqi TV station have decided to produce a series based on the stories that Iraqi bloggers have published since 2003.  
Al-Sharqia, which is an Arabic TV station, is the producer. “East Gate” is the tittle of the series and it is planned to be televised in Ramadan. With this Al-Sharqia will the first Iraqi conventional media to credit bloggers and the social media activists.
After the invasion of Iraq, bloggers all over the country have published many secret documents, and for this those who were identified have been prisoned and tortured. Bloggers have participated in informing the public and shared in publishing many documents that have proved the magnitude of corruption that Iraqi are suffering from.    

                                                  Official Ad for the series by Al-Sharqia
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