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Jul 1, 2011

James Harrigan Will Leave AUIS

Dr. James Harrigan

Dean of the Students, Dr. James Harrigan will not come back next semester. However the news was not confirmed formally, it has become arguable among the AUIS students.  The reason the Dr. James will not come back is getting a better job in the states, according the information that Student Eye attained.
The news has been passed away that Dr. Darcy will take Dr. Harrigan’s position.

Dr, Darcy was the dean of the AUIS faculty, and he is well-known for not being friendly with students. Closer to hand, in his first interaction with a group of students, as the new dean, he insulted them.
But after a while, he apologized the students and decided to listen to them, but the students refused and left his office. After spreading of this news, some students feel worry, and they believe that Dr. Darcy will not able to solve the problems that AUIS faces continually.

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