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Jun 23, 2011

AUIS Students Don’t like iPad 2

For the second time, a HIS 201 instructor at AUIS put his lovely iPad 2 in auction.  The iPad is put up for auction two times so far, but it seems that no one wants to buy it.
It seems ironic, yet it is justified as both because he has a good relationship with the Dean of the Students and he is a history instructor and his iPad has a history.
In a capitalist society, all work for more interest. Workers in coal mines in Manchuria and financiers at Wall St. Or even, the instructor in his class can do “business” as long as it is fair and fairly supervised. No matter, or who cares, when class time is dedicated for buying and selling iPads.
Drily, what here we care about is why AUIS students don’t want to put what they have learned into practice? What was the price of Mr. Instructor’s iPad? Or why this iPad is so special and why this instructor wants to sell it to his students?  
If the price is affordable or if there would be any discount, Student Eye Team would think about buying that iPad and safe Mr. Instructor and his class.    

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