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Jun 22, 2011

Where is Pat Cline’s Notebook?

Few days ago all of a sudden, in one of his classes, Pat Cline’s notebook disappeared. Pat
 Cline is a senior lecturer at the American University of Sulaimani. Mr. Cline, “seem to have no control over himself because of losing his notebook”, one of his students told Students Eye.

After disappearance of his notebook, Mr. Cline has told his students, “I have to, either forgive you or punish you. I choose the second one. Your Final Exam will be twice harder than the mi-term exam.”
This decision was made when Mr. Cline made sure that students filled out the evaluation forms, which is given to the students for each course at the end of each semester.
Students are terrified. They gathered to voice their concerns and go to Mr. James Harrigan, Dean of the Students.
“What will happen to us?” Mr. Cline’s students are asking. Many students, due to fearing the consequences if their names are mentioned by Student Eye, asked their names not to be mentioned. "If no one stops Mr. Cline, many students will suffer the consequences of his temporary ill-humored mode" one of his students siad.

Student Eye will bring you the latest on this issue
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