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Jun 19, 2011

I Have A Dream

by: Bahman A. Hassan

I have a dream, perhaps not far different from Karwan or MLK’s dreams. My dream is still alive, and it is somewhere around AUIS. After almost five years, AUIS is fighting failure and shaky changes every day in new fashions. However, spearheads promised better “quality” and “freedom” for their offerings, yet none of these seem to be harvestable. Though, the source(s) of these “decapitating” waves are known, we shall not stop here and we must strive to prove what we belief. We came here (each visualizing a “Utopia” of a kind) seeking both better “quality” and “freedom”, but all our efforts has been misinterpreted.
Long ago, or from the beginning of Student Eye, we insisted and said, “We are here to make a difference, not to be loved.” However, being loved by the dean, instructors or provost may secure a certain pass. We faced complete rejection almost by everyone, from the lady of Finance Department, Dean of the Students, instructors to the Provost.  
Let us now concentrate on my plain dream, which I am sure it’s the dream of many. I fought hardly to chase my dream in spite all the difficulties. I believe in my dream, and I hope one day others understand how my dream is attached to theirs’.
I have a dream that one day; if I am investigated with for “insulting a lady in the Finance Department”, I will be treated as a human not a criminal. Yet, I have a dream that one day my Comp instructors help me to use Comma, Semicolon and Quotation marks correctly. I hope someday, I can understand the difference (s) between Comp I, Comp II and “active and passive voice”. I have a dream that one day my Comp instructor will understand my paper before giving me “F” with no clear reason.
I shall not stop dreaming as there is not much that can be done in reality. Thus, I have a dream that one day when I punch or I throw a bottle of water at my instructor, I am saluted with smile as nothing has ever happened. I have a dream that the “sissy and ugly” Comp instructor will stop using F words in class. Or ironically, I have a dream that soon he is promoted as he has good links with his superiors and for he is good at the “art of self-interest preservation”.
I have a dream that next semester I have my American History with the instructor whose class is between 15 to 20 minutes. I have a dream that before the end of this semester my history instructor will change slides a bit slower.
I rather want to proceed. I have a dream that one day AUIS will understand what we do and do want to say. I hope soon the dean will understand that those who sent to him for “integration” for cheating are not all cheaters. I have a dream that one day AUIS students will learn to write their papers by themselves not through KEP (Kabab Exchange Program). I hope soon my fellow students stop “cheating”, because they are already being accused,  no matter they have cheated or not.
I have a dream that someday the work of all, rich, poor, financially aided, and sponsored students are treated equally. Even though, I know it is hard and hurts a lot, I have a dream that we will all share for the good not ill of the university. I have a dream…You shall have yours...

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