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Jul 1, 2011

AUIS Has Hacked David Baum’s account

After doing the final exams, students are waiting for getting their grades back. But, surprisingly, this seems not be the case for Dr. Baum’s students. Prof. Baum confirmed this and wrote on his Facebook account, “To my AUIS students. The university has hacked my email in order to have access to your papers even without your permission. This is an outrage and you should let it be known that you will not accept any grade that I haven't personally given you. If you receive a grade in a course you've taken from me immediately protest it. It will not be a fair assessment of your work throughout the term.”
This post comes early this evening. Professor Baum’s students started to comment his post and both their support and worry. Students ask while their instructor is no longer here to give them their grads, who will?
Student Eye will provide you with the forthcoming information.

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