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Jul 3, 2011

“What should you do” Dr. David Baum Asked AUIS Students

Dr. David Baum

While Dr. David Baum’s students continue to suffer, AUIS refuses to listen. After hacking his account, Dr. Baum with the help of his students continues to protest about hacking his account and not letting him to grade his students’ final projects. This event reveals an old discourse between Dr. Baum and the AUIS administration.
Students started a campaign to support Dr. Baum. “We Want Only Dr. Baum to Grade Our Papers” is the name of the campaign that has been announced to support Dr. David Baum. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Baum has taught at AUIS for only two semesters. The conflict began, as Dr. Baum posted on his Facebook account, early of spring semester when he could not come back on time after a short trip to Israel.
“What should we do” was tittle of a note that Dr. Baum posted on his Facebook account. Because of the particularity of the note, SET has decided to publish the note as it was published. Here is the note that Dr. Baum published on his Facebook page two hours ago:
To all my AUIS students. I am very sorry for you today. Dr. James, who I respect, has lied right to your faces. He knows what the truth is but he has chosen instead to be the errand boy for Dr. Moulakis. I have offered, most recently yesterday, to grade your papers, and have done so without requiring a resolution of my contract issues with the school. The school has not responded to my emails. As for me giving you final grades on my own initiative, this is not possible; as you all now know the school hacked and then cut off my email. I have not had access to your papers since Sunday. So, even if I chose to finish the job, the school had already prevented this option. So, do not be fooled by their lies.
What should you do? This is very difficult. I have tried to teach of you to stand by what you believe and what you think is right. What is right is to tell the school that you wil not accept any grade that I do not give you. There is no way that they can be fair to you. They do not know you as I do. On the other hand, at some point we must move on. I've also tried to teach you that sometimes there is no disgrace in pulling back and reconsidering your position. If you choose to continue to fight for fairness, I will stand by you. If you wish to yield to the school and move on, I will understand. Trust me, I will continue the cause back in the States when I return.
I am very proud of all of you. However this works out, you have done the right thing. I am genuinely touched and will always recall your loyalty and sense of justice.”

This note has been taken form Dr. David Baum’s Facebook page.

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4 Comments: on "“What should you do” Dr. David Baum Asked AUIS Students"

Mark G said...

AUI-S lies? No way! AUI-S tried to do the same thing to me. I got an email from Rosalind demanding that I give her the Level 3 final exams for my class, along with Joe's and Tim/John's. I refused because I had made a commitment to the students and to Joe and John, and in my case at least, there was little AUI-S could do since I already had the exams hidden away in my villa. I seriously thought they might send someone to break into my place. But they relented, I graded the exams, and then they fired me! A classy bunch, those AUI-S admins...

عشتار العراقية said...

Just a moment. I want to fully understand this situation. Do you mean that the students, as a routine, send their exam papers to the teacher via email? Is this acceptable? Is this a kind of remote education? I have noticed that even the photo of Prof. Baum is not taken inside the AUIS. It is taken during a speech at a US museum. Has he been ever at the AUIS in person?

عشتار العراقية said...

You are not publishing any comments?

Student Eye said...

Dear عشتار
First we apologize for not publishing your comments in time. Exam papers are not submitted via E-mail, but this problem started when Dr. Baum wanted to grade his students’ final project. Students were asked to conduct a small research and the results had to be submitted both via E-mail and hard-copies. It is normal and common at AUIS.
Thus, Dr. Baum may have decided to grade his students’ work back in states, but the university have hacked his E-mail account that all AUIS students and faculty members have to use for university relating activities. Therefore, Dr. could not work on his students’ projects, and the university gave the papers to another instructor to grade them, which is strange enough ponder about.
Dr. Baum was one of the best professors that AUIS has ever had. This revealed when we investigated the case, and that is why most of his students supported him.
It is true that the photo we used is not being taken at AUIS, but Dr. Baum taught at AUIS for two semesters.

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