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May 18, 2011

Private Ryan is Back Home

Ryan Bubalo- Photo Courtesy of Qusay M. Muhyaddin 

He said goodbyes to his friends and students at AUIS last summer. He was their teacher, their coach and above all their friend. That American guy taught his Iraqi students and played basketball with them. He was with them everywhere, all the time. 

Ryan Bubalo is back to Sulaimani. 

With hugs, kisses, shaking hands and smiles, his old students and friends welcomed him. He is happy to see his friends and students again in Sulaimani. His ultimate goal, as Ryan says, is to meet with his Iraqi students once again.

Ryan Bubalo is thinking of throwing a party to catch up with his students. He is now searching for an appropriate place to do that. 
Ryan Bubalo, the coach - Photo courtesy of AUIS Girls Basketball Team

Ryan is proud of AUIS students. He thinks that they get better every semester. 

"This year's EWPLI 4 students are much better than last year's and this is true for the other years," he said.

Ryan has not given up his famous sunglasses and his Kurdish is still good enough to communicate with his students. 

Private Ryan will be staying for 2 weeks in Sulaimani. 

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