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May 18, 2011

Fighting Free Speech with Hatred

by Karwan Gaznay

Once freedom of speech is argued, the concepts should be understandable, and people should comprehend what one is quarrelling; otherwise the argument would be useless and pointless. There is a bunch of philosophers, well-known people and writers, who clarified the notions and forms of freedom of speech, but it is still not clear enough to be sure about.
There are some people who think of freedom of speech in terms of philosophy, but in this way we will not be able to conclude a fathomable formula.  For instance, Sophists, a group of philosophers in the ancient Greek, believed that there is not right and wrong, so whatever is right to you, it might be wrong to me, according to them. In this way, we can say that we cannot reasonably argue about freedom of speech in terms of philosophy because whenever you think that is time to express yours, I might think that it is not a proper time to do so, in other words. Therefore we can tell that this method doesn’t work here!
When we talk about freedom of speech, we must unquestionably think in reality. George Washington  says “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” From this illustration, we can see obviously that freedom of speech is more desirable than anything else, I guess. It is more precious than eating and drinking. If we don’t eat and drink, we might die once, but if we don’t have freedom of speech practically, we die every single moment under suppressing and censoring.
Noticeably, if there is not freedom of speech, it is a gigantic problem as we mentioned above. But the bigger problem is when there are some people who are not the merely obstacles before one to practice her or his rights freely, but they don’t know what freedom of speech means!
This is the biggest concern of mine, for then the fighting would absolutely be in a different direction for a different purpose; at that juncture, the case is getting more and more complicated. So what do we have to do when we want to teach someone to let you practice freedom of speech or; at least respect it? Because there is not freedom of speech when you want to express yours and the other tends to kill you not by a bullet but by hatred!

*Karwan Gaznay is an International Studies and Political Science freshman at the American Univeristy of Iraq-Sulaimani

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2 Comments: on "Fighting Free Speech with Hatred"

Anonymous said...

Ismail Kamal-an academic student;
I mostlly agree with your staments; more specifically the part that talks about philosophy. In other words, I do personally believe that your argument makes sense to me.

hidayet_26 said...

I agree with you, but in one point. Remember you will have freedom of speech, you can practice freedom at a time when you someone has rights on someone. When someone has rights for others, they can critically talk about him/her in the term of the right. However, if he/she doesn't have any rights to people, they can't criticize him/her. If it's not clear for you, let me clarify it for you in class. Or if you have any critical idea about this, we can debate....

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