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Apr 26, 2011

Future Leaders Should be Responsible Now

by Mahdi Abdullah Murad 

Kurdistan is going through very difficult times. Every day we hear about the sad news coming from the different parts of Kurdistan. I won't take much of your time by counting the atrocities and violations of human rights happened in the past weeks again, I want to speak about another sad news: AUI-S's arranging a party while Sulaimai is on fire.

We have parties in our life, mournings as well. But we cannot have both at the same time.

While Sulaimani is caught up on fire suffering from the saddening death of its youth at the hands of the militias, a group of so-called “the Iraqi future leaders” at the America University of Iraq-Sulaimani threw a party to share their condolence with those families. Since the AUI-S students are considered to be the future leaders of Iraq, people expect to see exactly the opposite of what they did.

Throwing a party is not a fault, but its time and place could be.

The last party had no occasion at all. None of those who arranged the party can tell me what was the reason behind the party! I guess it was because of the mid-term! Last but not least, it is ridiculous to throw party at this moment while several families are at the funeral ceremonies.

JFK said in his Inaugural Address , “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”  The future leaders of this countries are those people who share feelings with their nation not those who throw parties at time of political instability. AUI-S students need to begin thinking in terms of their future responsibility. Nonetheless, some of the AUI-S students are under attack and go through difficult times, and having a party is not a very good idea to show our solidarity with them.

This political turmoil in Kurdistan is a chance for the AUI-S students to learn more about the skills of crisis management and problem solving not having fun, although the having fun part is questionable for itself because there was a political argument at the party which involved throwing bottles of water.

All in all, there are things that should be kept in mind before throwing any parties. You should be sure to know the reason you planned a party for. Otherwise, neither you nor people whom you’ve invited will enjoy it.  Moreover, the absolute most-importuning thing to keep in mind through all of this is that make sure to bring as many people as you can on it. How terrible the party would be look like of only a few people attended and fought instead of singing, and dancing during the party.  

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4 Comments: on "Future Leaders Should be Responsible Now"

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mahdy, with my respect for you, but your post is so silly because of many reasons; first of all, you cannot talk about the AUI-S students generally and judge for them. You and some of your friend were upset because of those who killed in the protest, it is ONLY your opinion, and many others think that they DESERVE that.
Second, the university did not arrange the party; the party was arranged by some of AUI-S EWPLY Students. The university did not participate officially in the party.

"While Sulaimany is caught up on fire suffering from the saddening death of its youth at the hands of the militias...."
All of that because of you guys and your friends. Why don't you go back to Ranya and do whatever you want there? YOU and your friends are the main causes behind that.
So if you don’t like it, just keep your mouth shut, or leave the university.

Anonymous said...

I am totally agree with you "Anonymous"

Mahdi Abdullah Murad said...

Thanks Mr. Anonymos. Raed the article and concentrate on its tittle.
AUi-S is a place that teaches me to think about bringing change and reformation. I will stay at there untill I get enough about leadrship. Then, I will leave it and apply the education I have learned to my coummunity. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

We are not "Ranyais," we are Kurds, so whereever Kurdistan needs us to be we will serve there.
"You and some of your friend were upset because of those who killed in the protest, it is ONLY your opinion, and many others think that they DESERVE that."
Kurdistan is not a part of AUIS, but AUIS is a part of Kurdistan. Also, AUIS is located in this holly city where the brave demonstrators have been gathering for sixty days, so we, the American university students, should unquestionably participate in these needed demonstrations.
Plus, the American university is a place where the Iraqi future leaders will be prepared, so it should play a great role in such a sensitive circumstance.
Ramiar Mohammed

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