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Apr 27, 2011

AUI-S Labs: No Comment

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10 Comments: on "AUI-S Labs: No Comment"

Anonymous said...

I like the last picture. Also, you should consider about the labs that are closed when students have a lot of assignments to do. fffffffffff

Anonymous said...

photo by??????

Anonymous said...

Good job student eye. this is very frustrating. also, there are many computers that are not working. but don`t worry corruption is everywhere!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They are like Shetxanay Markazy"
But It is AUI_S.


Anonymous said...

Really good job guys. we should do something to stop this disaster.

Yo' mama said...

I bet you people went to the labs with cups and bottles, messed up some laptops, and took some pictures. The haters of AUIS are here. It's pathetic behavior from pathetic people. Sigh

Anonymous said...

first of all I would thank who posted these pictures that I have couple of comments on them,
related to empty bottles and disposable cups it is the student responsibility to obey the instructions because after of all IT are not policemen and it is not unacceptable to clean after the student.
IT department is not just couple of printers its is a full department that provide wide set of services from internet (even in dorms) to email and website hosting services and your fail to know about these services and their problems means the IT doing great job (some time for 12 hours a day 7 days a week) to provide this infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

Those bottles look very fake.

Anonymous said...

Great words Yo' mama!

meh said...

Having glasses and bottles in the labs is AUIS's fault?! you guys make me laugh!

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