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Apr 25, 2011

"Iraqi Wikileaks" Speaks about Student Eye

غار عشتار (Ishtar Cave), an Iraqi blog defining itself as a the place for "Iraqi documents in Arabic" speaks about Student Eye blog.

The Iraqi blog filled with documents and articles on Iraqi issues in Arabic language dedicated its last two posts on the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani for the history and influence of Student Eye.

The great impact of Student Eye on AUI-S community has catched Ishar Cave's attention.

"The blog became famous in a very short time. The students, faculty and the staff, all began to write to the blog," states Ishtar Cave.

Ishtar Cave assumes that the existence of such a blog is a sign of the lack of freedom of speech at AUI-S.

"Many of the bloggers write anonymously... and many others post comments with anonymous as soon as an article critisizing AUI-S gets published at the blog," says the Iraqi blogger.
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16 Comments: on ""Iraqi Wikileaks" Speaks about Student Eye"

عشتار العراقية said...

Thank you for bringing my blog to attention. Two corrections though:

First It is not an Iraqi Wikileaks blog. That was just an adv. on the header of the blog to announce my translation of some Wiki Iraqi documents.

Second: I am not assuming that "the existence of such a blog is a sign of the lack of freedom of speech at AUI-S." but the fact that "Many of the bloggers write anonymously" is.

Best regards.

Anonymous said...

People always post anonymously all the time, even in the free society. Ask anyone from Europe or US. Have you ever visited there?

عشتار العراقية said...

Dear Anon. So you say that free speech and criticism are allowed in AUI-S? and in Sulaymania? So why are journalists killed? TV stations raided? secret police agents allowed to raid even students' dorms?

I know that people everywhere post anonymously for different reasons, but one assumes that a website like this is like a students' community where everyone likes to introduce himself/herself. Some of them do. Some say clearly that they are not mentioning their names for security reasons.

Anonymous said...

عشتار العراقية you're right. If journalists are harmed and tv stations are raided, it is a sign of trouhle.
BUT. When you make things up, like secret police raiding a dorm, everyone knows this is simply not true. That's not journalism. Shame on you.
AND. Who are you to say why a student posts anonymously? You say it means this and it means that. I think the students can speak very well for themselves. It is, once again, not journalism for you to say "one assumes" it means something.

Anonymous said...

Let's let them both congratulate each other for being famous!

عشتار العراقية said...

Mr. Anon. The thing about police going into dorms is here:


As nobody of you people at the AUI-S administration, negated the post about Dana Jaff, I assumed that it was true.

Yes, ASSUMED. What is wrong with assuming? All the great learning of human beings has been initiated in the act of assuming. That is why we have brains. And who are you to teach us journalism? Let us know who you are. Reveal your great SELF, so that we would follow you, O Great Mentor of Journalism.

Anonymous said...

All the great learning of human beings has come by THINKING.
Assuming is made by human beings like you, who read something on a blog and use it as evidence. Can you not admit that's foolish?

عشتار العراقية said...

What is THINKING? Can you explain? Thinking is a complicated process. One side of this process is ASSUMPTION. "In the context of natural deduction systems, an assumption is a proposition that may be used to prove further propositions, in the expectation that the assumption will be discharged in due course by proving it via a separate argument."

All the knowledge we know about history comes from writings by individuals on scrolls, clay tablets etc. A true historian does not take these on face value but compares with similar sources of the same period, then deducts and concludes. Our sources in present times are blogs and websites, in the few past centuries were newspapers and journals etc. In the future, historians will learn about our times,and ways of life, from blogs like Student Eye and others. So do not underestimate it.

What are your sources for evidences? Fox news?

Anonymous said...

It's official. You're crazy.

ishtarenana said...

Crazy? So you have reached your limit.

Using what you think "offending" labels does not add to your arguments. When a writer starts to curse,or use such words, that is a sign that he has run out of arguments.

So, this is enough evidence for me to ASSUME that you have run out of arguments.

Now I hope you have learned the meaning of ASSUMPTION.

Anonymous said...

Once again, you make the wrong assumption. You are actually crazy. You want to know why? It's written in this blog. According to your logic, you should assume that it's true.

عشتار العراقية said...

Ah, so according to your logic, if it is written in this blog, you would assume it is a lie!!

Go back to my comments: I did not say, because it is written in this blog, but said that when nobody has negated it, I assumed it was true. There is a difference.

But calling me foolish and crazy, is very interesting!!

Now the anonymous body who said that must be either a faculty or a student. We can not know because he/she is unknown, but either case, this body is attached to a university which advocates "liberal" teaching and culture.

As, this body's sole argument is calling names and rude speech, we may ASSUME the following:

Liberal = rude & vulgarity.

Now its your turn, show me I am wrong. But please try to find some other liberal argument than calling me "crazy", because I am honored to be called that. All creative people throughout history from Gregor Mendel to Albert Einstein to even prophet Mohamed himself were rejected,ridiculed, called crazy for daring to think different. I am not comparing myself to them, but I am comparing your reaction to my criticism of your police state, to the reaction of those people in those times to whoever dared to have a different opinion.

For all your "liberal" thing, you do not tolerate different thinking. You dismiss every different thought as craziness. WAW!! I have always wondered what "Liberal" really means.

It is not only about me. But I have noticed that every time some commenter here has a different thought, or a criticism, some anonymous body pops up not to discuss but to ridicule him/her.

Anonymous said...

People who compare themselves to the prophet Mohamed himself are 1.) the prophet mohammed
OR 2.) crazy.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like the music, DANCE SOME OTHER PLACE!

عشتار العراقية said...

Last Anon. I am staying, and apparently, the music has been changed to my liking. You have to learn the virtue of tolerance.

Anon before last: A Nice try, but I think you can do better. You need more focus to understand what you read.

Iraq said...

I would like to stress two points here!

1. The post states that: "Ishtar Cave assumes that the existence of such a blog is a sign of the lack of freedom of speech at AUI-S." Well, if this is not true! Why do we find all commentators are anonymous exempt of Ishtar al-Iraqiya?

Let us ignore what “Ishtar Cave assumes”, and concentrate a little bit on the post by Astios on May 1, 2011 in this blog!

2. Most of the theories throughout history have had built upon assumptions, now a days we are LIVE, STUDY and DEAL with Irrefutable facts that have been in the near past nothing but assumptions! Who knows, maybe ” Ishtar Cave assumptions” will become fact in the near future?!

At least there is an existing evident called “Fun with AUI-S (Freedom of Speech)” in this blog! Which is supports “Ishtar Cave assumptions” !!


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