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Feb 2, 2011

Student Newspaper Asks Dr. Moulakis Stupid Questions!

Gashapedan, Kurdish for development, a student newspaper published by a group of Human Development University conducts an interview with Dr. Anathasios Moulakis, AUI-S provost.

The interview, which is more of an interrogation, asks a very stupid question.

"There are rumors about some AUI-S teacher's being violent to their students, why?" asked the newspaper.

The interview is also filled with other stupid assumptions and questions.

"There are rumors that some politicians support the universisty?" and "We have evidence that Arab and Turkman students are studying for free?"

Gashapedan, which is distributed on campus as a student newspaper, has a great deal of political content, which sometimes become racist.
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1 Comments: on "Student Newspaper Asks Dr. Moulakis Stupid Questions!"

Anonymous said...

yes, i thought it was stupid too.

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