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Feb 2, 2011

After Student Eye's Report, Someone Pays Dorm Tuitions for 10 Students

A source from Student Affairs office told Student Eye that someone has paid dorm tuitions for 10 AUI-S students.

The generous person, who had preferred to reman anonymous, gave an amount of money to the Studen Affairs office to pay dorm tutitions for 10 AUI-S students.
Our source told us that the generous person had given the names of the 10 students by himself/herself.

One of the 10 students, who voluntarily spoke to Student Eye and preferred to remain anonymous, thanked the generous person and showed his appreciation for the great help he/she has given them.

It is worth mentioning that Student Eye blog pubished a report on the difficult times of poor AUI-S students who are required to pay dorm tutitions.

Student Eye feels proud to be of any help to our poor students. We are also thankful for the generous person, whoever she/he is.
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7 Comments: on "After Student Eye's Report, Someone Pays Dorm Tuitions for 10 Students"

Anonymous said...

It sounds great! I haven't received this oily PARW, but I would still thank the generous person. Facalties and teachers gain a huge amount of money, so it's really needed to have their support at least once a year. This will be perfect for both students and facalties!
We really appreciate the generous person again and Student Eye as well.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Well done. One of my friends said that he had only 500 dinars in his pocket when he received the money. He was about to fly.

Anonymous said...

I wonder to appreciate a person whose money ($2000) went to charity (helping students for their studies) without telling anyone. The person who has donated the money has a special personality, and she or he has understood what the meaning of life is. Reach people should benefit from how she or he anonymously gave the money or donated the money to the students. I'm really amazed, and this is undeniably kindness. I'm proud of having unique people like that in my country and studying with him or her. Guys, I assure you that Iraqi country will succeed because we have this kind of a heroic, unique, and indescribable person. I'm only saying that I can't boast how kindness you are. God bless you.

Mahdi Abdullah Murad said...

Our Prophet Muhammed (Peace be Upon on Him) says, "Offer cahritey in away that if you offered with you right hand, try the left hand never know about that and vise vercia." The person who donates that sum is a really generous and kindness one undoubtly. for sure, there are so many students whom they always feel about collecting the fee for both dorms and books, and tuition a long before the next semester begins and try their best to find ways to save that amount before they recieve the tuition warness by AUI-S Finance Department. Off course, you rescued many of these students under such pressure. Hopefully, this encourage others who have the ability to help those students who are still suffering under that pressure. Allah be with you forever. Best Regards

Shalaw Fatah said...

That's a great job, well-done both the person and Student Eye.

Anonymous said...

It is written on the top that "after student eye's report, a person pays dorm tuitions for 10 students." this sentence means that the blog led the person to pay the students' money; however, I don't think so. but I don't mean the blog didn't do a good job when it published the report about rich and poor, or the blog doesn't have a crucial effect on people what I mean is the person who offered the money has had a plan for paying this money before the student eye published the report, for the time between paying the money( before Feb,2,2011 and publishing the article about rich and poor(Jan 31,2011 is only two days. again I really thank the person who paid the money and the blog.

Anonymous said...

I really appriciate the person who paid our money first, and second ask Kak Aram why people realize that we as financial aid students are poor but you(kak Aram) don't realize that or you do but without increasing the student's income, the financial aid staff increased the amount of money that financial aid students should pay. for example,2008-2009 students who were poorest had to pay $900 0r $1000 but last year increased to $1500 minimum. last year when they increased the money,we said we can't pay this money, and we told Marry the financial aid staff had to help some impoverished(poor) students instead of increasing their money. in response, Marry said "we haven't realized that". so they should realize that because they are responsible for it; otherwise; otherwise, you will go to court, for we have saved all the documents of financial aid agreement.

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