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Jan 31, 2011

Our Teachers Wrote (1) : Dr. E. Randall Floyd

Dr. E. Randall Floyd, the professor of American History of our university, who also teaches Fines Arts this semester, is the author of several books. Dr. Floyd is also a motion screenplay writer and a syndicated newspaper columnist.

Dr. Floyd got his bachelor and master degrees from the Valdosta State University and got his doctorate from the Schiller University.

Dr. Floyd writes about historical figures and mysteries.

He had his first book published in 1991. The book's title was Great American Mysteries.
He is the author of the following books as well:

Dr. Floyd's last book is entitled In the Realm of Ghosts and Hauntings.

His bestselling book is Deep in the Heart. It is a novel about a confederate soldier during the civil war and based on a true story.

In the Amazon's description of the books, it is written:

 In the spring of 1862, 19-year old Wiley Nesmith kissed his beautiful young bride goodbye, and then marched off to war. Before leaving, he promised her he'd be home soon. But that wasn't to be. For the next three years he followed General Robert E. Lee into battle after battle across the thunderous killing fields of Virginia and Pennsylvania, Seven Pines, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, Spotsylvannia, Cold Harbor and Petersburg.
Based on a true story, Deep in the Heart is more than a book about heroic deeds and bloody sacrifices on the battlefield. It is also the deeply moving story about one young couple's undying love for each other and their bittersweet devotion to "the Cause" and how one small Georgia town and its people struggle to survive the horrors of Sherman's invasion.

 Dr. Floyd's The Good the Bad the Mad Weird People in American History can be found at the AUI-S library.

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1 Comments: on "Our Teachers Wrote (1) : Dr. E. Randall Floyd"

Anonymous said...

Hardi D. Fateh

I took some courses with him, and he is a very smart and friendly guy.

I have got lots of things from him as a professor, author, and friend.
what I like about him is that he could introduce american history to the most of the AUI-S's student.

finally, I wish a happy and joyful life for him.

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