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Feb 8, 2011

No Country for Weak Men

by Dana Jaf

 Injustice is when the laws don't apply to everyone, every time and everywhere.

 Injustice stinks!

And I can smell this bad odor right now.

When the weak is beaten for stealing a small piece of bread, and the powerful is praised for being successful at robbing a nation, there is injustice!

When the weak is fired from college due to 5 absences, and the powerful gets a "like" on his "Facebook Wall" because he visits London in the midst of school, there is injustice!

When the weak is expelled from college because of plagiarizing, and the powerful gets the gift of being the "the exemplary student" for throwing bottles at teacher, there is injustice!

When the weak has a surgery in his back and is not able to come to the final exams fails the semester, and the powerful doesn't come to class 7 times in a row and gets an A, there is injustice!

When the weak is taken to Student Affairs office because she/he has supposedly misbehaved with an IT staff, and the powerful gets more respect because he has used F word to a professor, there is injustice!

When the victim and the witnesses are afraid to speak a word, the people above think ten times before making a decision about the case, and I feel that my life is threatened while I write these words, there is injustice!

Injustice stinks!

I can smell this bad odor right now.

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25 Comments: on "No Country for Weak Men"

Anonymous said...

When the president, and the dean of the university know about everything. And they read this article as well, and they do nothing,"There is injustice".

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, Americans looked at Obama as a hope for the entire nation.
Here in Iraqi Kurdistan Kurds looked at Dr.Barham the same way that Americans saw Obama. Unfortunately, people's faith diminishes when we see such things happen in AUI-S. This university supposed to be out of any political affiliation. It has turned out that being a member of Presidents family you can; Throw bottles at professors, put professors in threat, and f*** them if they try to catch their plagiarized work.
After one week of assault you see the BIG on the campus guy as nothing happened. If you share the concern with the AUI-S' administration. they will tell you "We see the issue in million different angles." Nonsense, there is only one angle to look at the assault.

I hope all the AUI-S professors get together on this issue and put pressure on the administration to take an action.
If they won't do this, one day they will get F***ed in their career life at AUI-S.

Shalaw Fatah said...

one of the best articles written on this blog...

Anonymous said...

Injustice is when the university gives scholarship to a rich student who cannot pass a single level within two semesters, and ask the poor to pay more and more each year! "this is injustice"
No no sorry, that is not injustice because the administration faculty goes to the the rich student's city, spend days there on the rich student's pocket! Hhhhhhh
Take it, it is the nation's money!

Anonymous said...

the best article written on this blog.Wala It impressed me. Such a great idea is this!!!!!!!!!WWWwwwwwooooWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!
When James's salary is more unbelievable, and he said I'll NOT change the Rona Dorm internet from Silver toGold that only needs $30 it is injustice....
When my major is international studies and I study Math it is injustice!!!!!!!!!
When Dr. Aso is the head of security at AUI-S it is injustice.
When this "F" blog is removing some comments it is TOTALLY injustice!!!!!!!!!
More "injustices" will come if the blogger will promise not to remove them. if he DOES, it is injustice..

Anonymous said...

If an elite student traveles outside every vacation and applied for IYLEP and takes a spot in this program, but the poor has never traveled outside of Suli it is injustice. If AUI-S has no activities for the students during the entire semester, it is injustice.

Anonymous said...

Hardi D. Fatih

Thank you very much for the dear writer.

Actually, it is much more injustice when the justice dean (as he is known), did not have any reaction.

Most of the American are teasing Iraq because of corruption and injustice. is it injustice to look at your students in different watches and have different reactions against them?

Don't worry if there is a small risk in your as you write down these words, we will have the same too. we are with you. As in Kurdish we say (we will not release your back)

MAHDI said...

Dana Gian! You shouldn't be worried about any risks. If you face any risks, it will not be you alone, but all of us, especially ME! We have to defend the word of "Justice" as we do for"Democracy.

Zhirwan Werty said...

Before I came to AUI-S, I had heard what the word injustice was but had not known what its meaning was. But I have known it since I became aware of such terrible actions done at AUI-S.
Great article kak Dana, dest xosh…..

Anonymous said...

Kak Dana gyan very god job. It is a really fantastic article. before I came to AUI-S, I used to think differently about American people and the word "justice". I have seen everything but not justice at AUI-S. These Americans think just because we are living in Iraq, they can be tough with us. Like treating people from other classes of the society. They have to know THEY ARE WRONG THE PROBLEM IS WE RESPECT YOU TOO MUCH.

Anonymous said...

well done Dana gyan! right things should be said either accepted by the authorities or not! you should just go on!

Sarbast Majeed said...

Good article!

I wish that AUIS student dont use the "F" word and mix things together, like the Anonymous who have never been outside Sulaimani and is angry because s/he didn't make it to the IYLEP competition. That was so Off-Topic.

If anyone need to change something, first dont get angry and start a war of speech. Log in with your profile and speak up, so that people of the AUIS administration know whom they are listening too.

Dana, you are making a great point, it speaks for itself, no need to defend it, and don't worry of any risk. May God bless you for your courage.

AUIS MUST listen to these points, and the reason they should do, is that those angry students are trying to make AUIS better.

Anonymous said...

the world and life are injust. the professors are injust.

Anonymous said...

you right Dana. we accustomed to this situation, coz it is everywhere

Anonymous said...

you right DANA, it is everywhere .we accustomed to this situation

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

it is injustice when you are not publishing commets that do not support your argument.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it is injustice when students cheat.

Anonymous said...

More than injustice is expected from these people. Money and power talk. Of course the size of the body talks too, otherwise the teacher would have responded when the "student" used the "F" word. You know I mean that the student has a huge body! NO wonder that the pathetic teacher did not do anything!
Shame on injustice. Acts of this kind will be repeated if the dean does not take action. I am saying this with a 100% condidence. IF they accept the Dean accepts this, he has to bear the future consequences. Down with injustice and fear. Great job Dana.

Anonymous said...

when you seat down in the classroom, and its temperature fires you..
there is injustice
when you gather in front of the main building and smock cigarette.
there is injustice.
when you go to AUI-S' W.C, and there is no water.
There is Injustice
When you go to AUI-S's library to read some nonsense newspapers of magazines, and all speak loudly.
There is Injustice.
When you want to open your account, and it takes more than five minutes.
There is injustice.
When you have a problem, and no one listen to you at AUI-S.
There is Injustice.
When you wish to die because the differences between rich and poor students.
There is Injustice.
When a poor student has no money and has to go to outside AUI_S to eat his launch, and he has a small period of time, and the doors are not available for him.
There is a huge Injustice.
When you go to Mr.Azad's office, and he speaks English because he scares of Mr,Muslim.
There is Injustice.

Anonymous said...

good job Dana! i totally agree.also, injustice happens in classes when the same teacher who preachs and gives us lectures about beeing late for classes and not accepting late papers because he is saying its going to be unfair to the others who turn it on time. but he doesnt dismiss the student whos never on time for classes,missed way more than five classes and has never turned his paper on time and doesnt do his presentation on time! and Dr..... talks about fairnessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! corrupted university and teachers they better fix themselves or els this place going to close soon!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

dast xosh kaka dana gyan hiwadarm nmwnat zorbet.

Anonymous said...

When someone recieves government scholarship and asks and supports the capitulation of the same government that is outright cheap, weak, subversive, knieving, two faced and most of all a corruption of both spirit and morality.

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