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Feb 10, 2011

Egyptian Protesters Thank AUI-S Students for Their Support

Our friends; the people of Iraqi Kurdistan,

Your concern and hope are most appreciated by the Egyptian people. The Egyptian people now can stand bullets, tear gases, and being beaten to death but they can not stand tyranny no more.

The Egyptian people are sick of the countries that claim to support democracy, those countries only support their national interests, and we know that very well.

the Egyptian people only count on themselves to achieve their goals and start their second republic. But, all the hopes of the free peoples of the world give us the delight and faith that tyranny will sieze to exist on this planet.

The Egyptian people supports every people’s struggle for the freedom we all deserve. However, the Egyptian people realizes that non-violent revolutions are the most effective way to face oppressions.

While carrying on our revolution, the Egyptian people are keeping a very close eye on what’s happening in region, we are relieved for the resolution you reached in Iraq to form a new government, and we particularly appreciate the role of the initiative of Mr. Barzani, the president of your Iraqi Kurdistan region, in pushing stability in our middle east. We hope that you go forward in the development of your country after the years of the occupation.

We look forward to the future of our region, and dream of how much the cooperation of all peoples of this culturally very rich region can make it the most developed region in the entire world.

Down with Tyranny

An Egyptian Protester

*Student Eye thanks Saman Sadiq, an AUI-S junior, who had sent the pictures of the activity to the Egyptian protesters. We also keep the ID of the author of this message anonymous due to security reasons. We hope the day will come that we can express our love and admiration to each other without any fear. 
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1 Comments: on "Egyptian Protesters Thank AUI-S Students for Their Support"

Anonymous said...

Where are heroic people, why don't they comment on this indiscribable event. I'm really concerned about them.

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