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Feb 7, 2011

Step Down Dictator, Shouted AUI-S Students Supporting Egyptian Youth

On Sunday, February 6, 2011, a group of AUI-S students arranged a meeting for manifestation of support for the Egyptian youth. 

The group, acting in the name of Free Youth Movement, started the public meeting at 2:30 pm. 

A crowd of more than 50 AUI-S students and faculty and staff members attended the meeting. 

Dana Jaf, Shalaw Fatah, Pshawah Ahmed, and Karwan Gaznayi gave short speeches supporting the analienable rights of the brave young men and women of Egypt. 

The speakers also asked for more of such activities. 

The local press was not allowed to cover the event. 

To see a video report on the event, visit AUI-S Voice's video report

Here are some photos of the event. . 

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2 Comments: on "Step Down Dictator, Shouted AUI-S Students Supporting Egyptian Youth"

Anonymous said...

There weren't many students involved in this, and really, there wasn't even one good reason for this to happen. It's a good thing that you expressed yourselves, but where were the Egyptian youth when we were being killed? Let's try to make sense please. It was a desperate attempt for attention. Kurds were being killed by large numbers and no country demonstrated against the crisis, not even one individual.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatily, I wasn't there. We have to support them, we want to do it for humanity not for nations...
With my respect for others' ideas.....

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