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Jan 17, 2011

Student Eye Apologizes to Dr. Hemin Omer Latif, AUI-S IT Professor

On Friday14, 2011, Student Eye published No AUI-S Faculty was There... 'Home' was Shown in Kurdish. The news said, "no member of the AUI-S faculty attended the event." The event was the presentation of the 'Home' documentary in Kurdish translated by an AUI-S student.
However, Student Eye has known that Dr. Hemin Omer Latif, IT professor, was at the event alongside his respected family. 

We, as the Student Eye team, apologize for Dr. Hemin Omer Latif and the readers for that big mistake. 

Dr. Hemin Omer Latif is not only one of our loved and respected faculty members, he deserves credit for being the only AUI-S faculty member attending the event. 

The mistake was in no way intentional. It was merely a result of misinformation. 

In a previous teacher evaluation on Student Eye, Dr. Hemin Omer Latif was praised by his students. 

While Hawre Najmaddin described him as "one of the best professors at AUI-S,", Damga praises him for, "teaching them how to learn not how to get grades."

Zana Aula says that he didn't have a strong background in IT, but Dr. Hemin helped him a lot to do so. 

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