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Jan 17, 2011

Peshawa Ahmed Starts AUI-S Business Club

Peshawa Ahmed,22, from Halabja
His first encounters with English books were at AUI-S. He was reading Andrew Ross Sorkin's Too Big to Fail. He always looked to see new changes in the great world of business. He watched Al Jazeera's Counting the Cost, and spoke to his friends about it next day.

He always wanted to know about business but there was no one to help.

Patrick Cline became his Introduction to Business teacher, and he got the idea.

Peshawa Ahmed, a 22 year-old AUI-S student originally from Halabja, decided to start a Business Club.
" Our main purpose is to help students become more involved in business activities so that they can gain  greater understanding of what they study and can practically apply what they have learned in the classroom," wrote Peshawa in his mission statement given to Dashnye Daloye, Student Affairs director
AUI-S Business Club logo

Other economics professors have promised to help the club, said Peshawa, especially Dr. Joshua Hill.
Peshawa has "great projects" in mind for the near future.

"We will bring experts to speak about business to AUI-S students, and help those who are pursuing internship and employment opportunities," he said
AUI-S Business Club will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, Jan 19, 2011.

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5 Comments: on "Peshawa Ahmed Starts AUI-S Business Club"

Anonymous said...

An important step for institutional economics..good idea peshewa. your ideas are always appreciated

Afan O. Halabja said...

Well done Kaka Peshawa. I wish you a big success here. Keep going!!!!

Anonymous said...

Karwan Gaznay
It is understandable that you are for eternity one of those who would like to serve and lend a hand, but hardly ever get help from “professional people.” I am just saying, well done kak Peshawa. We, as university and students, really have to appreciate what you do. I wish you best luck dear.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Keep it up and thanks Student Eye

Muhammad Ayad said...

You are the right person to do something like this. Well done.

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