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Jan 19, 2011

Dashnye Daloye: Goodbye AUI-S

After 3 years of working as the head of the Student Affairs department at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, Dashnye Daloye leaves AUI-S.
"Today is my last day at AUI-S, and I want to tell everyone that it has been a pleasure knowing you all," wrote Dashnye Daloye in an e-mail sent out to the AUI-S community. "

Dashnye Daloye will be getting her PhD in Britain, where she got her master degree.

Miss. Daloye was the main figure in all the community projects conducted at by AUI-S. She supervised the aid projects for the Qalawa refugee camp. She also was responsible for arranging parties at AUI-S. Her office was also a place for negotiation between AUI-S students and faculty over problems. The list of her responsibilities extend beyond that according to the AUI-S website

Miss Daloye's departure is the second in a row after Dr. Denise Natali's leaving AUI-S. Dr. Natali was the head of the research centers and the former academic dean of students.

Dashnye Daloye's hope is to see the first group of AUI-S undergraduates graduate.

It is still not clear who will will succeed Miss Daloye as the director of Student Affairs. 

Student Eye tried to contact Dashnye Daloye, but couldn't reach her.  

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6 Comments: on "Dashnye Daloye: Goodbye AUI-S"

Anonymous said...

She got fired.

Mahdi Abdullah Murad said...

It will be very hard for AUI-S to find another person who can take Ms. Daloy's tittle and work as the way she has done since she's come to AUI-S.She was one of the most friendly person at AUI-S and her door was always opened toward the Students.She worked tirlessly to provide what was good for the students!I hope she will be back to AUI-S in the future.

Anonymous said...

She was fired by the Provost who does not like when someone disagrees with him. The new aui-s Rector is the same ...

Anonymous said...

from now on wards, there will not be parties for the tudents at AUI-S. Daloye has gone, so who will be incharge of arranging the parties. the students who are in favor of parties should cry and may be faint!!!!

Anonymous said...

Typical AUIS Blog. You complain about someone, they leave and then you say you can't live without them.

Anonymous said...

she was the most friendly? really?
she was complaining about the students always even she wrote on her facebook page, " students... students... students." The only thing she was doing was arranging party. you guys grow up and be realistic.

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