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Jan 19, 2011

Another Crowd Admitted by AUI-S for No Reason. Student Eye Reveals the Truth

Timothy Doyle- Xendan.org

Timothy Doyle, Director of AUI-S Enrollment Management, announced the admission of 100 more students for the spring semester.

This announcement came during a press conference held by AUI-S on Monday, Jan 17, 2011 for the local media.

Doyle gave the current enrollment crisis at the public universities as a reason for their decision.
We hope that by admitting these additional students, we can play our small part in the solution to this crisis," he claimed.

AUI-S wants to admit these "qualified students throughout the region {who} still remain without a spot in university".

However, AUI-S's reasons to accept another 100 student are not valid.

These thousands of students who are still not enrolled at the public universities are unqualified students.

The ministry of Higher Education decided to accept people with the highest averages this year, which caused many students to stay without a spot at the Kurdish universities. These students are mostly with very low averages.

On the other hand, AUI-S has rejected to accept the most qualified students in Kurdistan for financial reasons.

Yasir Muhsin, who had 99 in his baccalaureate exam and was the second student in the entire Kurdistan region, was not admitted at AUI-S.

AUI-S had asked this brilliant student to pay $3000, an amount which prevented Yasir from AUI-S.
Also, AUI-S's admission of another 100 students doesn't affect the current enrollement crisis at the public universities.

The number of the students who are not enrolled by the public universities is 10,000. So the AUI-S is admitting only 0.01 of these students.

AUI-S's admission of only 100 students doesn't help solving this problem in anyway.

So why AUI-S is accepting this number of students which makes the burden on its shoulders heavier?
Student Eye will bring an answer to this question in a series of reports on student enrollment problems at AUI-S.

Stay tuned…  

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6 Comments: on "Another Crowd Admitted by AUI-S for No Reason. Student Eye Reveals the Truth"

Anonymous said...

we are staying tuned, and waiting. Let's see what you have.

Anonymous said...

You're right, I wish we were accepting more qualified students. Maybe they would write better posts...

I like that you are doing this, but you have a long way to go.

Afan Osman said...

Yasir is a studying English at the University of Sulaimani now, and he is trying hard to be a student at universities like AUI-S. I have not seen such a hard working student like him in my life. I can never talk about his abilities. I think he was one of the MOST APPROPRIATE students to be at AUI-S. Don't say that it happens sometimes because there is no excuses for that.

Anonymous said...

First, I would like to thank AUI-S for this invaluable imitative. 100 is not a small number, this will make 100 Iraqi families happy. I was born to a Kurdish family and currently I do live out of Kurdish region. I was really excited when I saw this good news at PUK media. I’ve been accepted to a university, but I could not join it due to security reasons. I will try this one, thank you!

Anonymous said...

please sweet heart dontcome.You will regret for the rest of you life. AUI-S is too good to be bad...

Anonymous said...
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