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Jan 20, 2011

AUI-S Said 'No' to Her, Dashnye Daloye Left Sad

The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani has not renewed the contract with Dashnye Daloye, the director of the Students Affairs.

Dashnye Daloye, who was the director of the Student Affairs for more than 3 years, said goodbye to AUI-S community in an e-mail on Tuesday, Jan 18.

According to some reliable sources, AUI-S had decided not to renew Dashnye Daloye's contract. Dashnye Daloye was informed of the decision only 48 hours before her departure.

Dashnye Daloye, surprised by the decision, was sad.

Normally all department directors are informed by AUI-S one month prior to their departure.
While AUI-S reasons for not renewing Daloye's contract are not clear, her successor has not been appointed yet.

Student Eye had tried to contact Daloye before, but couldn't reach her.

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6 Comments: on "AUI-S Said 'No' to Her, Dashnye Daloye Left Sad"

Anonymous said...

She deserves it or actually she deserves worse.

Anonymous said...

From now on I think AUIS will be something else.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't deserve it because she did many good things for AUI-S. Also, AUI-S should be clear about this and tell the students why she left the school, and because of what reasons.

Anonymous said...

why dont you be clear about the "many good things" that she did?

Anonymous said...

"I will NOT say goodbye to here, I will say miss you"
let me cry, let tree will become dry, without Dashne, some els's cake will not be fry.
I miss her so much.

Anonymous said...

Owww how sweet. Grow up buddy or at least don't cry here.

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