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Jan 14, 2011

No AUI-S Faculty was There... 'Home' was Shown in Kurdish

 A documentary translated by an AUI-S student says that planet Earth is in real danger.
Home, an hour and half long documentary produced by Yann Arthus Bertrand, was shown on Friday, Jan 14, at Roshnibi Hall in Sulaimani. 

Kosar Osman Chewar, an AUI-S student and the translator of the documentary to Kurdish, gave a brief speech before showing the documentary on a large screen. In his speech, which was both in English and Kurdish, Kosar Chewar welcomed the audience and introduced the show briefly. 
'Home' presented many threatening facts on how dangerous life on Earth has become. The documentary spoke about the extinction of certain species, the fall of many cities under water and the increasing poverty in the world, all which are caused by the merciless use of Earth's resources. 

The documentary says that humans have only 10 years to fix the mistakes they have done, It also gave some hope for an international action to save our home Earth. Finally the documentary asked people to take action and start saving their home. 
 While AUI-S has a department for Environmental Studies and has four professors teaching Life Science, no member of the AUI-S faculty attended the event

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2 Comments: on "No AUI-S Faculty was There... 'Home' was Shown in Kurdish"

Anonymous said...

Why would any faculty go to this? Are you suggesting that because a student merely translated another person's work, that AUIS should be proud of this as if this student owns any of the real work put into the original documentary? Should we all stand up and cheer every time a Kurdish student attends class? Do something meaningful please, and stop expecting the world to applaud your plagiarism.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about baby??????????you don't know where your points are???????????? organize yourself baby first!!!!!!!!1

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