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Jan 14, 2011

Evaluate Your Teacher: Dr. Carl Caldwell

Dr. Carl Caldwell- Anderson
Univerity photo
A short biography of Dr. Carl Caldwell

- Dr. Carl H. Caldwell was born in West Virginia, United States of America.

- He graduated from Anderson College in 1966. He got his master in history from Ohio University, Ohio. He got his doctorate also in history from Indiana University.

- He has served as the dean for academic affairs at Manchester College, dean for academic affairs at Bridgewater College, and vice president for academic affairs at Anderson College.

- He announced retirement in 2008.

- He and his wife, Dr. Carolyn Caldwell, came in 2009 to Iraq to teach at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani.

- He taught World and European history, and History of Middle East last year.

-He went back to America after the spring semester, 2009. But the love for education and his students made him change his mind and come back again to teach English Composition IIII.

- He has decided to go back to the U.S. after this semester

- He is married to Dr. Carolyn Caldwell, a former accounting professor at AUI-S, since 1965. He has two married sons with four granddaughters.

Caldwell couple- Anderson University photo
Please follow these rules while writing your evaluation:

1- Introduce yourself by writing your name and the class you had with the professor. If you have not taken the professor's class, mention that.

2- Think before writing. Your evaluation can be a very helpful tool for the professor and the students as well.

3- Respectful writing is always necessary.

4- Try to avoid generalizations. Make specific points about the professor.
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13 Comments: on "Evaluate Your Teacher: Dr. Carl Caldwell"

Shalaw Fatah said...

* He has a positive attitude toward everything. He appreciates what's good and smart.
* He permits long debates and discussion in class, something I liked.
* He is not very opinionated, so he doesn't insist on changing you when you have a different opinion.
* He takes everything into account (notes, participation and studying), so be very STUDENT in his class.

Dana Jaf said...

Dana Jaf, International Studies
I am blessed with being a student in Dr. Carl Caldwell's all three classes. I took his European History, History of Middle East, and I am currently taking his English Composition class.
I have expressed my appreciation for him and his classes more than one time, both in public and in person. I still remember the Facebook status I wrote after meeting him and Dr. Floyd for the first time. I called him "great teacher" the first day I met him, and thanks God that I was not mistaken.
The thing I like about him are his questions. He always wanders, searches and asks. He wants to know about us, our cultures and our life. Almost everything in this part of the world represents an opportunity of learning for him. His desire for learning taught me a lot.
He respects students and values their opinions. I guess any professor or even any human should have this characteristic in order to be loved and respected.
He is organized. He knows what to do next. He has plans for the next class and the next week, even the next month. He wants to give the class its right. Only one time did I remember that he missed a class and it was because he had influenza and he didn't want to spread the disease
He admits when he doesn't know fully about something. Last year, in the History of Middle East class, a friend asked him a question and he said the he didn't know the answer. He promised to bring an answer next class, and he did.
He was my only teacher who invited us to his house, made food for us, and talked as a friend to us. Of course he did all these with his respected wife, Mrs. Caldwell.
He is a good reader and encourages us to read all the time. The experts he brings are interesting and naturally urge us to read the books he has used.
However, I think he should more strict with the time used for discussion in class. Certain students do not have the ability of appreciation and misuse the chance given by Dr. Caldwell to enter irrelevant subjects. I also think that he should use less time on introducing the schedule in the beginning of every class.
Finally, I have nothing but love, respect and appreciation for Dr. Carl Caldwell.

Sharif Hamza Angozy said...

He is the best teacher at AUI-S. I have Many respects to my Dr. Carl Caldwell.

Anonymous said...

Hardi Dilshad
I had Western Civilization with him last year and It was really fun to be in his class because of his attitudes and way of teaching.

I think he is one of the AUI-S's professors we can be proud of.

there are some reasons that make me to like his classes, his character, calmness,and gentleness....

At the end, I wish a perfect life for him and i hope there will be another chance for me to be his student again.

aisha said...

Aisha Qais,
Information Systems and Technology student. I had Dr. Caldwell in two classes : World and European History II, and English Composition III.
I feel so lucky to have Dr.Caldwell, simply because he is a perfect model for any good professor.
I like the way he follows when he gives lectures. He manages his time during the class-time to explain the materials, discuss necessary discussions, and allow the students to reflect their opinions about the subjects.
He is so clever in choosing the readings. He chooses what makes the students think and take a full advantage of the specific lesson in the reading.
What makes him special is his flexibility with the students. He is such an excellent listener, in class and outside the class. He has the ability of making the students engage with the lesson, regardless of their own problems. I can give myself as an example to prove that. When it comes to Dr. Carl's class, I forget everything else and think only about what will happen in the class!
I love the comments that he makes. He is always encouraging me by writing comments on my papers or telling me what's good about me.
When I knew that Dr.Carl would be back again to our university, I hoped that I would be one of his students again! When that came true, I wished that he would stay for another semester :(
I hope that I could express well what's in my mind about this great professor.
Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Peshawa Ahmad
Business Administration.
I had him for Western Civilization, and I have him for English Composition 201. I was honored to have him as a professor. He taught me not only things in history but Also who tho think of things in history. I am sure all my classmates agree with me that we had a lot of fun in his history class, and we learn a lot in his English class.
He also respects your feeling and never wants to hurt anybody. When he tells a joke, and one second after he tells it he says it was a joke because he doesn't want to hurt their feeling.One things I learned from him most is that wars don't get us anywhere, and they only bring pain and disorder to society.
He always makes students think and wonder. I never forget his small notebook in which he wrote questions student asked him and things that he didn't understand about out culture and he wanted to understand it.
I hope him the best.

Anonymous said...

Dara Ali
International Studies

I was student at his last year’s World History 101 and I have my special thanks to Dr. Caldwell.
Simplicity, enthusiasm, kindheartedness, and openness are hallmarks of Dr. Caldwell’s personality.
His very positive character makes me love to be his student again in my heart of hearts. It is quite plain that his students are so happy for being allowed to behave openly with that brilliant figure that is called Dr. Caldwell. He was not a teacher or a professor for me alone; he was a proficient friend, too.
In addition, he does not only teach inside the class, but also his zeal for helping students understanding ideas is so helpful. Further, with the motivating teaching method he owns, he interestingly pushes students to reason everything around which I define it as a “vivid and magnificent” idea.
More to the point, Dr. Caldwell is marvelously helping his students expressing their diverse ideas with a respectful manner. He does not only teach inside the class, however, one is so welcome to go to his office and ask questions and get valid answers. For example, I have visited him at his office many times and asked tons of questions. However, I figured out that he had a heart of gold!
Indeed, I did not like monthly class tests heart and soul, because I had to work very hard days ahead.
Thus, I have nothing more to say except my best wishes for him. I wish him to be in good health.
Best Regards

karwan said...

Karwan Babakir
International Studies

How could I forget the best moments of my life at AUI-S? What I mean by my best moments is that, I feel so proud that once i have been in Dr. Calr's interesting class of Western Civ 101. I am vigorously looking forward to be his student again. I tell Dr. Carl: Wherever I may go in my life, I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher, you. Thank you my teacher;I would always be thankful to you.

Anonymous said...

Hawkar Saeed
I had the World and European History class last year with Dr.Carl, and this year I have English Composition III with him.

I enjoy his class because he respects ideas from others.

He rarley gets angry in class, even if he does it's for a good reason.

I love the way he explains articles.

I always try not to miss his class because I usually have in his class.

He never speaks with no sense, and he always gives you a clear path to get what you want.

I have learned so much from him.

He is a punctual person.

Kurdistan Fatih said...

Kurdistan Fatih
Business Administration
It was a privilege for me to have Dr. Carl Caldwell as a professor in the Middle East history class. I am still surprised by his attitude with students. He could be an example of a great, open-minded, well-educated professor who allows and encourages everyone to express opinions and respect other opinions.
Fair grading, class participation, useful reading, and other class activities were among many reasons that make me adore this professor and his class.
When I was his student, I could not get enough of his class and so I did not miss a single moment this educational opportunity. I was hoping to be his student in many other classes and that he could stay longer with us. Unfortunately, we all miss this opportunity as he will be leaving AUI-S.
We are all indebted to the efforts he put in educating, and preparing AUI-S students to create changes in the future of this country.
I wish you all the best, and hope that you visit us when circumstances are favorable.

Afan Osman said...

Afan Osman

Dr. Caldwellis one of the rare professors whom the university should be proud of them.

I had one Enrichment class with him. I got many lessons from his classes, and I can not forget those days.

I always wished to have him my professors, but I did not.

I have been speaking with him at the campus about many different things, so I know him well.

I always tell him that I have come to AUI-S to meet some people like him!

Wish a great life

Anonymous said...

Rawa M. Salih
Information Systems and Technology

Until now, I have been taught by many professional professors at AUIS which Dr.Carl Caldwell was one of them. He taught me World and European History II.
His class was well prepared.
We could easily understand the material.
Many times, he gave us opportunities to evaluate him and his class as well. He always asked us to tell him about his weakness point in class. He always made sure that we all understand the way that he explained the material.
I never saw him in a bad mood while I was in his class. He always was in a good mood. That was a great thing of him because according to the Teachings from the Worldly Philosophy of Robert Heilbroner: passion seems to be transfused from one man to another when he said, “The passion, upon some occasions, may seem to be transfused from one man to another………. .Grief or joys, for example, strongly expressed I the look and gestures of any one, at once affect the spectator with some degree of a like painful or agreeable emotion.”
He was very helpful and he was ready to explain more about the material in his office hours.
He invited all of his students to his house which it was my first time been invited by my professor. It was a great time because we knew him better and also he knew about our lives’ also. he wanted to be with his student all the time.
He has a great personality.
He is the best professor.
I was lucky that I had his class.
I wish him the best, I really appreciate him.
I appreciate every minute that he spent with us.
I learned a lot from his class and this is what all professional professors wanted from their student.
Best Regards,
Rawa M. Salih

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