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Jan 26, 2011

Money Talks (2) : Sponsorship

Some of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani students are sponsored and paid all the tuition fees necessary. Those who are sponsored are not required to get  more than 2.0 GPA. So these students have the best chance to pass classes easily without bothering even to study.
Students on scholarship program are not paying tuitions, but they have to get more than 3.0 GPA. Students on financial aid program, needless to say, suffer the most at AUI-S. They have to get more than 2.5 GPA, and they pay big amounts of money. We will speak about scholarship and financial aid students in the future.
However, sponsorship is nothing but a euphemism for the politicians' aid to their relatives, friends and supporters. It is only a big "WASTA" that can get a student sponsorship.

Student Eye doesn't publish the names of the students who are sponsored to respect their privacy and keep friendships on AUI-S, %80 of the sponsored students are either relative of politicians or near to them politically. They don't have any academic achievements and haven't done anything extraordinary.

The politicians are claiming in the outside media that they are helping Iraq's future by sponsoring tens of students at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani. The truth that they don't want to reveal is that they are not helping Iraqi people, but their relatives and friends.

Sponsoring students who are already financially capable to pay their tuitions is a demonstration of nepotism, corruption and WASTA politics.

The administration can easily answer this by saying that they are not involved in the sponsorship program and don't decide who is sponsored and who is not. But this is not true. Student Eye has more than one example of students who have been sponsored after they are being told and helped by the finances office. Students who have problems with their financial aid are repeatedly advised by AUI-S to go and get a sponsorship.

A source from finances department has told Student Eye that for someone to be sponsored, he/she should be politically affiliated and AUI-S has not a say in that.

If AUI-S is involved in the process of sponsorship, then it is responsible for corrupting the university by itself. If AUI-S is not involved, then it is keeping silence to the politicization of the university and surrendering to the political will of the leaders.

AUI-S cannot say that they need those students because they need money, but this is not true. The tens of thousands of dollars wasted can be smartly used to accept smarter and more dedicated students than those who are studying only because they have the support to do so.

Sponsorship at AUI-S is nothing but a myth. It is an opportunity for the politicians to satisfy their friends, relatives and supporters. It is a curse on those students who have brains, will and capability but not money and WASTA.
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9 Comments: on "Money Talks (2) : Sponsorship"

Anonymous said...

well done! it's true! politicians will manipulate the etire AUI-S comunity in the futer, so it's time to take actions. Thank you for this interesting article; i'm looking foward to hear more from you. Keep going

M. Ch@ws@w@

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think financial aid students are the same as sponsored students and they must keep 2.0 GPA only, please see Academic Probation in the Academic Catalogue page23.

I think many students who have martyrs, Anfal and from Halabja are sponsored, and we should differentiate those sponsored students from others.

Anonymous said...

I'm also sponsored and I wonder who took this responsibility since I'm from the other part of the neighborhood, I'm affiliated with Gorran rather than other parties, but I don't deny your claim once you could prove it with evidence.

Afan O. Halabja said...

Dear Anonymous-3-,
All of the Halabja students are not sponsered. Only three of them are sponsered. Most of them are scholarship students.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous 6
You will never find a sponsorship if you dont have relatives in the authority. Also, even if you got a sponsorship, NEVER EVER come. You will die because of sorrow.

Anonymous said...

Dear Beginner,

1-You have written the subject without any evidence.
2- I am a sponsored student and have no relation to the politicians, so you are publishing a fake article that is full of lie.
3- Do you think that if you published the names of sponsored students they would be embarrassed or even caring about it? If you think so, then it is like playing without a result.
4- Why are you jealous that you have not gotten any sponsorship, and you are trying to ruin that gift, which sponsored students have gotten it, by saying "we, sponsored student, should get 3.0 as you should." Plus, life is opportunity, so we have gotten our opportunity, why are trying to destroy that opportunity?!!
5- If you are scholarship student, before you came to AUI-S, you were told that you should get 3.0.
5- What is your evidence of those students who are sponsored and capable of paying the required money ??!

Please write something that you have evidence for.

Anonymous said...

This article is full of lies.I am sponsored and I'm not a relative to a politician that can sponsor me.
"They don't have any academic achievements and haven't done anything extraordinary." this sentence that you wrote is not of the writing manners. you must provide evidence, then you can use this blogger to publish your thoughts.

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