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Jan 27, 2011

Dr. Harrigan Warns, Academic Students Shouldn't Use EWPLI Teachers

Dr. James Harrigan

The academic students at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani are getting help from the language program teachers, and the Dean asks them not to.

"There have been a growing number of complaints regarding academic students who take their work to individual EWPLI instructors for remedial assistance," wrote Dr. Harrigan in an e-mail sent on Thursday, Jan.27. 

Dr. Harrigan desrbies getting help from EWPLI teacher by the academic students as "inappropriate".

"Please address all of your needs with your own professors during office hours or class sessions as appropriate," he wrote. 
The academic dean also asked academic students not to use the Writing Centers. 

"Be aware that the EWPLI Writing Center is an EWPLI resource.  This is not a resource that academic students should be using," he stated. "Please see your own professors during office hours for whatever assistance you need with your papers."

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5 Comments: on "Dr. Harrigan Warns, Academic Students Shouldn't Use EWPLI Teachers"

Anonymous said...

what is the point of publishing this emil while all of the students got it?????????????????????

Anonymous said...

The blogger wants to prove how silly the blog is, because all the student had already got this email and there is not any reason for posting the email on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Incredible investigation! How in the world did you find out about this? This blog gets better every day!

Anonymous said...

I know! Why do you post s.th that is know to all?

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what you think about this entry, don't use it an opportunity to attack this blog.

This blog means a lot to many students and has achieved a great success in a few month.

Shame on you who criticize without objectivity.

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