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Jan 27, 2011

Several AUI-S Students among First Successful IYLEP Nominees

A group of IYLEP 2009 students from
The Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program announced the first group of the successful IYLEP nominees.

After 20 days of waiting, the first successful IYLEP nominees were announced.

This first group, which is 50 nominees, includes only the students who have applied for the Public Policy and Social Media branches of the program.
The names for successful nominees for Business Entrepreneurship and Environment and Social Awareness branches will be announced later.   

The successful nominees need to pass an interview in order to be finalists. They need to pass the visa interviews as well, to be a part of the program officially.

Several AUI-S students have gotten accepted by IYLEP in the first round.

Melanie Standish, the director of the Exchange Programs Office at AUI-S, offered her office's help for the students accepted.

"In preparation for this phase of the process, I would like to invite all successful IYLEP nominees to a meeting on Sunday, January 30 from 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm.  At the meeting, Career Services will present a session on how to successfully interview," wrote Standish. 

AUI-S students, according to IPE director, will have the chance to have an initial interview by an AUI-S staff before conducting the real interview with IYLEP. 

More than 25  AUI-S students have participated in IYLEP in the last two years. 

IYLEP directors have praised AUI-S students for their academic performance and good behavior during their participation in the last two years.  

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3 Comments: on "Several AUI-S Students among First Successful IYLEP Nominees"

aisha said...

Great News...
Wish them all the success and hope that all of them will be selected as finalists...

mohammed said...

they chose students without reviewing aplicants!!

Anonymous said...

Mohammed please write your father's name because there are more than 5 Muhammed's at AUI-S, and I still dont know who you are. I need to talk to you because I feel I like I should know what you're talking about everytime!

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