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Oct 3, 2012

"Losers" You Are Infected

by: Bahman A. Hassan
My first semester at AUI, S started with a quite interesting orientation event.  We all met in a small lecture room and a big guy with a more CIA-like face came forward to welcome us. That big guy was James Harriagan. He forgot to welcome us, because he interested more in insulting us- still many follow his footmark.
He started by complaining about plagiarism.  Harrigan argued that plagiarism was and is “part of” the region’s “culture”.  For him, plagiarism was “another frontier” which needed “direct U.S. involvement”. Unlucky Harrigan failed to fight back and teach “Iraqi future leaders” not to plagiarize. Despite what he did, plagiarism continued to PROSPER.
His successors came up with more tech-based fantasy solutions, yet they failed to uproot plagiarism in the mind of “multi-Iraq future spearheads”. Plagiarism remained to be discussed. But “it appears” that this semester is the “anti- plagiarism campaigns” are stopped. None of my “professors” has mentioned plagiarism 
                            (PROBABLY THE CULTURE IS DEAD OR OUT OF CONTROL).

NOW to the fun part!  AUI, S failed to “combat” plagiarism. Ironically, WE HAVE TAUGHT AUI,S to plagiarize. Copying others works without permission of the author is the most admired definition of plagiarism at AUI, S. Based on this definition, AUI, S, from top to bottom, is “guilty of committing plagiarism”. For Harrigan, there was eleven commandments instead of ten, and the eleventh one was, “THEE SHALL NOT PLAIGRIZE”.
Now, AUI, S is not only losing plagiarism frontier, yet people of the PRESIDENCY are plagiarizing- “lossers” as my professor usually call us. If you pay a visit to the book store, you can get copies of any book you want- isn’t that plagiarism? Recently AUI, S due to unclear reasons, has started copying copyrighted books. If you pay a visit to the BOOK STORE (THIS SHOULD BE CALLED ILLIGAL COPYING STORE) you will see piles of books have been copied by the university staff. This comes as an effort to cover the delay of receiving the original books.  
 After four weeks the “books are not all in” (meaning in the book store not somewhere else). According to the JOCKS we have heard, the books are on vacation. Last week, AUI, S books were in Iran for a short while (May be Romney has sent them there to salute Khamnai). Then they disappeared. Ironically, they again showed up in Arbil, but they didn’t stay there too long. PAUSE,

Oh boy,
NOW, Far From Plagiarism. I used to know a GIRL, but recently I found OUT she is “Having AN (PLURAL) affair with an instructor”- Mr. Gresk may see this as libel, BUT sorry EVEN YOU ARE TRYING TO PROVE THIS. GOOD LUCK….IF YOU want conduct an investigation on this, I am interested- KEEP me Up dated.



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6 Comments: on ""Losers" You Are Infected"

Anonymous said...

That's copyright infringement, not plagiarism. I'd respond to the rest of your allegations, but I didn't understand what you wrote.

Anonymous said...

Spell checker is your friend.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment. You clearly don't know the difference between copyright infringement and plagiarism.

Also... AUI,S? AUI, S? AUI-S? Wrong. It is AUIS.

Anonymous said...

According to JOCKS we have heard LOL

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